Beat Making Software Reviews

BTV Solo

Although BTV Solo is a simple-to-use, affordable program for novice or advanced producers, certain details about the program are worth a closer look. Many of us are looking for a foundation, or new tool to expand and build on. I’ve heard many beginners get pumped up on being a dj, or getting started producing. There are many roads to go from there, not all leading to the result you want.

Experienced producers know what they are looking for. The features they utilize, and the efficiency of their process determines their overall sound quality, listen-ability, and skill. The faster your music goes from conception to creation, largely depends on the tools you have, and how knowledgeably you can use them. It’s important to be able to lay it out the way you hear it, before you lose the idea, or get bogged down.  Depending on your method or skill, you’ll probably be interested in what BTV Solo has to offer. 

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Dr. Drum

The world of digital beat making software can be complex and overwhelming, but not all beat making needs to be done on overcomplicated machines and technology. whether your an amateur or already pro, if you have the desire to make beats you can go far with the best beat making software. Dr. Drum is very affordable, practical, software that will allow you to create your own unique, professional sounding beats. Featuring a 16-track sequencer, 12-pad drum machine, 4 octave keyboard. Export your tracks in high quality 44.1 Stereo 16 bit PCM .wav files. Available for use on PC or Mac

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Sonic Producer 2.0

Todays music production industry is vast and versatile. Many sound producing improvements and options are available to us that composers of the past couldn’t have dreamed of. Some of the best beat making software found online is being used by successful producers around the globe. Beats are being produced by a way broader amount of musicians then ever before. The quality of music coming from so many inexpensive studios is simply amazing! Sonic Producer 2.0 is an online beat making software available for PC or MAC. Included is a 4-octave keyboard, 12 drum pads, many instruments, and .wav or .mp3 export capability. The membership area is accessible from anywhere. Sonic Producer is great for beginner through advanced producers

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