Make Your Own Beats – Do it For Fun or Profit

Make Your Own Beats – Do it For Fun or Profit

Have you ever thought about how to make own your beats to have something to impress your friends with or even start a career? Now it’s easy because there’s no need for a studio, expensive equipment, or even musical talent. What you do need is a computer and Internet access to start laying down your hot beats!


FL Studio 10, DUBturbo, Cyber Sequence, and Sonic Producer are a few of the most popular make beats software producers and they offer online and packaged software. There’s many features available like a variety of natural and instrument sounds plus drum beats for many types of music like rap, Latin, hip hop or jazz and many more. A 2 to 4 octave keyboard helps create music and some other top of the line features include 16 track sequencers, a bunch of different drum kits and controls for tempo.  


An online beats program provides a good amount of flexibility. Internet access lets you set down beats that are inspired by whatever you hear as soon as you hear it. There’s also the bonus of logging on anywhere and making a party sizzle! Beat maker software packages are available but they tend to be higher priced than online options. They do provide many more features, though. 


You can save time and money with automatic save options so you can stop your work in the middle of the creative process. Regular upgrades are also important to keep up with the latest product news and improvements.


Prices for the make beats software may start below $25 but can also go up into the hundreds. For a true beginner, the option to download free demo products to see how they work allows for exploring the options to find one you’re interested in. Online beats maker programs are pretty easy to work with, and usually have detailed video tutorials. That leaves you the time to be creative instead of figuring out complicated technical directions. When you’re ready to progress to more in depth applications, online sites continue to be worth a look.


Like any other product, beat maker software programs can be made with really different standards. Some programs have beats that are re-recorded several times. As you work with the sounds and make your own recording, you’ve ended up with third generation compression. Many product reviews of the software apps and formats are available online, so it’s easy to skip over the lower quality products. Determining the compatibility of the program with your operating system is also important. Most products are available for PC and Mac, but it’s better to make sure!



When you start producing some really hot beats, you can build up a file of your work and try to make some money. Using any of the social networking sites, you can offer the many individuals and businesses that are looking for beats the best you have. Downloading the work is no problem with digital files and receiving payment for it is just as easy.


Get started with the creative process now that there’s terrific beat maker online software to guide you to make your own beats. Look at some of the different products, read reviews and check out free downloads and you’ll quickly be on the way to amazing your friends or even starting a career!

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