BTV Solo Review

BTV Solo Review

In the demonstration videos, music producer Rev walks you through making a simple beat. You might find these videos helpful. They shows you what it’s like to get started right away after the installation, without putting emphasis on any advanced features. I do however, find the video’s downplay the software capability overall. 

He starts off by playing around with the virtual kits (drums) and, step-by-step, explaining the full 8-octave keyboard’s features. Your shown how to layer tracks and import your own instruments and samples, as well as auto chopping and editing wav. files. Watching the clips will offer you a taste of how you could make way better beats then the ones shown in these videos.


What surprises most people at first, is not only how easily you can create a beat with little to no prior experience, but also how intricate the sound stocks are. Not only are they a pleasure to use, but it’s surprisingly simple to fine-tune with volume and pitch. In essence, producers have a very strong starting point to build from. With the foundation BTV Solo provides from the get go, it allows you to expand your limits comfortably.


BTVSolo is a solid program, it was designed specifically for the producer, to achieve their dream, and scratch that itch. BTV Solo works as a strong starting point for those who want to make music like the pros. Unlike other programs, all you need to get started is a PC or Mac computer. No additional programs are required to begin lacing up sharp, head-banging, high quality music. Or music more specific to your genre of choice.


To help you along, the package includes training videos, free of charge. These videos break down the “science” of working the software to create innovative, electrifying soundscapes. Topics covered in the videos include stuff like; mastering beats, music theory, and how to structure/layer beats. 


Today’s world of music software is complex. Not necessarily a bad thing, just a fact. Production is a learning process. It’s common to see an aspiring producer get discouraged, or hit a wall not knowing how to get better. With some modern setups ranging from hundreds to thousands of dollars, it’s usually expensive for those with hunger, and not necessarily the money, to make their breakthrough. Buying all that gear right away isn’t the only option.


To develop your own unique sound, BTV Solo includes the following functions…

-Ability to create new effects from thin air

-Instrument Creator all ready built in

-Ability to load 16bit and 24 bit samples

-Pitch shifting and time stretch

By installing a Midi controller, you’ll be able to experience a full velocity sensitive keyboard, but it’s not needed at first. To import your own samples (WAV or AIFF, 16 or 24-bit), a downloadable expansion pack is also available. Simply copy your files into the BTV samples folder. BTV Solo makes automatic sound updates, eliminating the need to open and reopen the program as it runs.


Another helpful pair of tools are the Mod and Pitch wheels. These features are excellent to have. They give you the freedom to control the subtleties and nuances of the beats created. Modulation and pitch wheels are used for sharp pitch changes and note bends. Also for manipulating parameters of the program’s phasers, mastering and compression. Pitch wheels are effective to change up from, for example, a half-step to a two-octave bend. Modulation wheels allow for the producer to manage filters and manipulate effects.


Using Mod and Pitch wheels expand your musical palette. When used properly they will develop your understanding of high-quality production. BTV music production software makes the editing process flexible and time-saving. Such custom tools are added to compete with higher paying equipment, while allowing for a newcomer to create interesting, original pieces. The music you create is made much more flexible and intricate with these two features.


Some well-known heavyweights that vouch for this software include Dallas Austin, Jermaine Dupri, Tricky Stewart, and Drumma Boy. True it is more designed for the newer producer with a lot of heart, to make magic in the studio. Experienced producers are just as likely to benefit from the features included. 


Sound performance and quality are recognizable going through the eight banks/octaves, as well as the multiple stereo channels. Navigating through trigger rolls/holds, sample music. Volume controls are made a breeze, and if notes are snapped out of place, you can quantize them from ¼ to 1/64. Record Mode allows you to replace/overwrite your work. Bar Structure allows for changing up bar length easily, in real time. PLUS is an additional feature that serves the purpose of volume adjustment and pattern construction. Saving, editing, and copying patterns are made simple with this feature.


What makes BTVsolo valuable is how inclusive it is, and how quickly you can get rolling. Some other benefits include, 


-Affordable and user friendly

-Easy to burn your completed songs to CD

-Functions independently of other sound packs, unlike most other programs of its kind

-Simple to mix and export tracks

-Effective without the need for virtual instruments

-Has a sequencer/mixer as good as any other


There are two specific custom modes. Kit Builder Mode walks you through a standard kit layout. The drag and drop feature makes it easy and quick to import your own music, and/or to experiment with the sounds of the massive sample library. Mixing and matching sample music is made easier with this option. Custom instrument mode is a lot like Kit Builder Mode, only it basically lets you create your own instruments.  This feature is effective if, for example, you wanted to create a new mega synth and blend together sounds to create new ones.


Not everything is perfect, btv solo will eventually leave you craving more. Whether it be buying your own gear, or having a full setup. You may end up looking for new software in time, or different tools to expand your creativity. I would consider btv an asset to your skill development. You may walk away with a track that changes your life, or plays in your head for years to come. The fun value is there.


In all, the program has its benefits for both the advanced music maker and the producer just warming up to the boards for the first time. What makes BTV Solo so refreshing is its simplicity as well as its necessary complexities. This program is one-of-a-kind and a definite great buy for any striving producer hungry to sound professional and get noticed. From hip-hop to house, rap to R&B, dance to reggae ton, BTV solo is a good choice with a strong foundation.


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