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Beat Making Hardware vs. Software

Beat Making Hardware vs. Software

When producing your own beats, there are two routes that you can take in regards to equipment: software and hardware. Both have their benefits and drawbacks, and in the following sections, we’ll shed some light on them.

Understanding Beat Making Hardware 

Beat making “hardware” is considered anything that you can hold in your hand- sequencers, samplers, drum machines, sound modules, and keyboards. They are physical devices that, when connected to a software program, can produce a variety of sounds. One of the main advantages to using hardware is the ability to drum out beat patterns using your fingers and hands.

In short, you will develop a lot more “feel” for your tracks and as a result, they will sound far more natural. Although your beats might not be 100% spot on, they will incorporate the human element and this can make all the difference when attempting to create your own beats. You’ll be able to generate grooves and riffs on-the-spot quite easy using MIDI devices such as samplers

Other Advantages of Using Hardware 

Another huge reason to invest in beat making hardware is that sounds are instantaneous. As soon as you push your device’s button, a sound will be played. With no lag time, you can be rest assured that your beats will be accurately placed within your track.

This can be a problem, especially when you have multiple applications open at the same time. Your computer may lag and you will find that there is a slight delay when trying to produce detailed music. In regards to pricing, hardware can be moderately expensive. For instance, the Maschine by Native Instruments can cost more than $500.

Advantages of Using Beat Making Software

The first benefit is that you can create your own beats and songs for a fraction of the price than that of beat making hardware. For example, certain versions of FL Studio cost $100 or less and will contain all of the same features as a regular MIDI device.

The only downside to using software is that it can take away from the human element when starting a sound wave all day. It can leave you uninspired and sap your musical interest. For this reason, it is recommended that you use software programs combined with hardware programs when producing in your own studio. This will allow you to benefit from both routes and you will be able to produce far better sounds as a result.

Final Considerations 

There are a lot of websites online where you can download programs for free. And while they may not be as good as paid ones, they will get the job done and keep you up to par on your skill. As a general rule of thumb, hardware programs could be considered superior to programs that are 100% software based. But before you invest in them, make sure that you have the budget to do so as hardware can cost you upwards of thousands of dollars.

What Are The 3 Best Programs For Making Beats Online?

What Are The 3 Best Programs For Making Beats Online?

 While talent plays a crucial role in your ability to create good music, it’s also important to consider that the learning process can be quite expensive. You may have already seen for yourself just how expensive synthesizers and other recording software programs can be.

Fortunately, the World Wide Web is abundant in free tools for aspiring music producers. These days, you don’t need to give up developing your passion because you don’t have the funds. Here’s a look a a few of the many options out there

Audio Tool

Audio Tool could be considered the complete package. It comes equipped with everything you need to start making music from scratch. It’s the epitome of a full-fledged online beat maker. Perhaps one of the better known advantages associated with Audio tool is that you’ll have full control over every aspect of your sound.

You’ll even be able to manage the connections between devices like mergers, splitters, and beat boxes. As a result, you’ll grow to be a stronger music producer. It could be considered the best beat making program found on the Internet, and the reason why is because you can publish work online as well as protect it from unwanted downloaders. Keep in mind that Audio Tool is better suited for moderate to advanced music producers.

Music Shake

Music Shake, another notable candidate for the best beat production program is great for beginner music curators. With it, you’ll be able to learn the fundamentals of building beats and music in general. It contains a lot of elements, most of which are easily applicable. Music Shake is far less complicated than other beat maker programs on the Internet today. Aside from easily creating music and beats, you’ll easily be able to share them as well.

When creating tracks on this beat making software, simply click on your desired tempo, followed by the instruments that you would like to work with in order to create your tunes. Once you are finished, simply click on “Save and Publish” and your work will be available for the world to see. In the competitive world of music production, Music Shake is a cost-friendly and efficient alternative to other beat makers on the market.


Otomata is an online beat production program that is better known for its ease of use. It uses very simple flash tools for creating beats online. The tool comes with an interactive sequencer as well as cellular automation technology.

This program provides users with easy-to-read square boxes and columns which can be used to generate sounds. Clicking on one of these buttons will produce a sound. Once you become used to the sounds associated with each button, you’ll be able to start producing catchy beats and tunes using this online beat maker.


With so many free beat making programs on the Internet today, you don’t need to spend an absurd amount of cash to create good beats. The programs above are not only free but are very simple to use and produce high-quality sounds. 

Ableton Live Review – Audio Features and Overview

Ableton Live Review – Audio Features and Overview


If you are looking for the most innovative and technologically advanced music production software on the market today, you may want to consider Ableton Live. This program has been refined for functionality as well as live performance capabilities. It combines hundreds of editing and recording tools that you can use to produce high quality tracks for any genre.

Ableton Live offers loop machines, real-time effects, and versatile sequencers. With so many features offered by the product, producers will be able to edit, create, modify, and publish their tracks on and off the stage. Let’s keep reading to learn more about the wonderful features offered by this software program.


Ableton Live offers a user friendly interface with dozens and dozens of powerful features and editing tools. Newer and experienced music producers around the world rely on the program for developing tracks and even playing in front of large crowds. A major benefit associated with the software is that there is an abundance of online tutorials and FAQ guides available for you to choose from.

As a result, you’ll have the ability to learn how to use Ableton Live quickly. As the majority of music producers can already agree, the majority of music creation programs are difficult to master. Fortunately, this is a program that can be mastered in just a few days as a large amount of technical knowledge isn’t require to use it.

Audio Features

Ableton Live comes with a drum rack that comes in handy when creating your own beats. You will also have access to the following:

  • Multiple Time Signature Capabilities
  • Video Exporting
  • Simple Syncing and Tempo Nudging Features
  • Support for REX Files
  • Sampler, Operator, and Live Functions Improved

The programs offers an intuitive interface that can be comprehended by amateurs and experience music producers alike. Ableton Live is considered an “on-the-fly” software program that can allow you to produce your own tracks within minutes. The workstation offers two spate views including “Arrangement View” (timeline based) and “Session View” (for working out all of your musical kinks).

With the software, you will be able to browse through an extensive musical library consisting of several thousand instruments. Audio files can be dragged and dropped into the work area and edited using any one of Ableton’s intricate editing features. Here are a few more features that music producers will have access to using the software:

  • Lopping
  • Extensive Library
  • Groove Machine
  • Warping Engine
  • Large Number of Effects
  • Collision

Ableton Live also fares very well in the output and input department. It supports a variety of file formats including FLAC, MP3, WAV, AIF, and REX. You can even bring in your own MP4 files and convert them. CDs can also be exported if you plan on distributing your music.


For DJ gigs, you can use “line out” connections for your speakers so that you can play in front of a live crowd. While not as budget friendly as most producers may like, this software program does offer all of the features and benefits that you need to make high quality music for any genre.

An In Depth Look at Native Instruments’ Maschine

Native Instruments’ Maschine


“Maschine” is a beat production software/hardware program that can allow you to sample, loop, and sequence your own tracks in one convenient location. It is just as effective as a standard recording studio but costs a fraction of the price. What makes Maschine so special is that it is a stand-alone application that can be run on your computer while beats are arranged using a stylish external MIDI controller. The product has been finely tuned for all levels of experience and the user-friendly interface can be grasped within a few hours.
Using Maschine
The software that comes with Maschine can be downloaded into any laptop or desktop computer. However, sounds and beats are arranged using an external device that plugs into your computer. The controller itself is quite sturdy, is made from plastic, and houses a metal panel in the front. The buttons on Maschine are constructed using hard rubber and are translucent.
All of them light up ad there are also a set of 8 buttons that are located across the device. This means that you will be able to group 8 separate track elements (each of which can hold up to 16 different sounds). This device could closely be compared to a sampler but with many more capabilities. As we mentioned, it is a standalone device that can be used to produce tracks live and within minutes.
Loading Tracks and Instrument Kits
The first step that you should take when using the Maschine is to click on the “Browse” button in order to load the kit that you will use to create your sounds. It is here that you can also choose to load other sounds or loops from your library. While browsing, you will be able to filter through your audio collection based on category. This ensures that you will be able to find a kit or sound that best suits the particular genre you are creating the track for.
Once you have decided on the kit that you are going to use, you can use the pads on the Maschine controller to play them. The pads can be a lot of fun to play and are extremely sensitive. Due to their consistent response times, you can play any style of music you want in real time without having to worry about quality. If you want to repeat a note than all you have to do is hold down a pad while using the “Note Repeat” feature.
Beat Sampling Capabilities
Another major benefit to using Maschine is that you will be able to easily and seamlessly slice beats and sample sounds from your library. There are a large collection of loops to choose from, each of which are divided into three main categories: percussion, synth, and guitar.
In order to sample the sounds, simply drag them from your library into the music slot. Using Maschine, you will be able to determine what sounds are being produced where on your device. This provides you with a lot of flexibility when it comes to producing live audio tracks.

Using Specific Software To Produce Your Own Music

Using Specific Software To Produce Your Own Music

Your first move in producing your own music should be to get a solid understanding of your options. You don’t need an expensive studio or years of experience to become a good quality music producer. If you’ve got a laptop and a bit of cash to spare, you can start producing your own music. Mixing programs are not as difficult to learn as you might think. With a bit of patience and maybe a couple how-to videos, you’ll be going in no time.

Getting Set Up

Once you get set up with a producing method that suites you, it’s so easy to chop out pieces of old music and stick them into something new. You can record or sample anything you want and piece it all together. Without so many great features out there today, you could have spend hours getting this done. Now, you can pull out your laptop or even your phone and gets some good quality samples. Take something old or mundane and make it fresh. There are no limits here so just getting going.

The Old Days

If you’ve been in music for awhile, it’s shocking to see how cheap you can find a beat maker online. It wasn’t so long ago that getting something even semi-professional sounding was prohibitively expensive. You can get the same sound now for a fraction of the cost with tools made from experts. It’s romantic to hear wistful tales of the old days when musicians worked night shifts and spend their last dime to get into a recording studio to make that one album that changed everything. Those days are lost past now. You can pick up some software online in five minutes without breaking the bank so you’ll have to find a different tale of woe to tell young musicians later.

Tossing the Equipment

It’s not just the costing of mixing that has gone down with the recent boom in beat maker software. I’m sure you’ve heard about people making entire albums alone with just computers. You don’t need to buy a single instrument if you don’t want it. It’s not just for techno sounds either. You can pull together anything. With the right software, you can make any sound you can think of and mix up every way imaginable. This isn’t just cheap, it’s convenient. You can take it anywhere. You can use your computer to mix and to play. Why find the space for a load of equipment when you can just carry it all in hand. Don’t make the mistake of thinking that the glossy recording studio with a room full of mix gear is always creating a better end result.

So stop worrying about your equipment and lack of resources, go get started for yourself. Good programs and tools will make all the difference. Once you’re setup with the proper software, you’ll be blown away at how easy it is to produce great quality sound!

Features to Include for the Beat Maker Software you have your eye on

Features to Include for the Beat Maker Software you have your eye on

When choosing the beat maker software for your computer, it’s important to consider the features that each program can offer you. While there’s literally hundreds of options on beat making software, there’s a few that can make or break your beat making experience.

Number of Tracks

Based on the type of mixing you’ll be doing, you want to make sure your software offers multiple tracks for layering of songs. These software typically offers at least 16 tracks with other options for layering drums. Layering of drums is crucial if you plan to build beats from scratch. If a program doesn’t offering drum layering within a track, it’s most likely not the best beat making software for building complex beats. If this information is not provided by the company, reviews on beat making software will usually cover this topic.

Ease of Use

The music software is the one that suits your needs and doesn’t over-complicate the mixing process. Look for things like the ability to import outside tracks, ease of adding/deleting bars to your song, and the ability to edit in offline mode. The software should be easy to navigate and make changes to your work without too much hassle. Luckily, the focus of many program designers concerns the usability of each program. Look especially for reviews from beginners, they’re a great resource for usability testing.

Exporting Abilities

For every new producer, getting your work online and into people’s speakers is crucial. Look for features to provide the user with the ability to seamlessly export files to their computers music player. Some of the top software’s even offer publishing options on their website’s. Be sure if you’re using a Mac that the program is iTunes compatible, or Windows Media Player compatible for PC users.

Screen Design

One of the most basic features of any program is the way it looks on your screen. You’ve got to be comfortable with the way a program looks on your computer and how each screen operates. Some programs offer multiple windows on one screen, allowing for click and drag capabilities and the ability to move flexibly from track to track. This is ideal for most users, but often comes with a higher price point. The programs your looking at should have screen shots or videos to show how it works. If there isn’t a trial version available of a particular program, these pictures and videos are a great resource.

When choosing production software, consider what features you will use the most and can’t live without. Take advantage of free trials from as many companies as possible and read all of the beat maker software reviews you can get your hands on. With thorough research and a lot of practice, you’ll be making professional quality beats in no time.

Incorporating Samples with Beat Making Software

Incorporating Samples with Beat Making Software

Adding samples to your beats can be a great way to make your music unique and catch the attention of listeners. This popular concept of adding a clip of an existing song or other sound clip takes some fine tuning and listening, making beats software essential to incorporating samples well. Learning how to incorporate your music skills with software will make you a better musician and of course a better beat maker.

Each beat maker program is different and will require a different process for sampling in your music. There are however a few features your beat making software needs to successfully add samples.

Research the importing capabilities of your beat maker program to be sure it’s compatible with your music files. Some programs, specifically those with only online access, have stricter importing limits and may not allow you to upload all of the music you want. Copyrights are important to consider when sampling music, making beats software with a credible reputation a must. If you plan to publish or sell any of your music with sampled songs, please be sure to research copyright laws surrounding music use.

If you plan to use your beat making software simply for personal use, the audio card in your computer is most likely fine for incorporation of samples. However, if you plan on making beats software a professional investment to incorporate samples, you should consider a good quality audio interface. This will allow you to import music at a higher sample rate, meaning your beat maker program is retaining more information that the sound card on your computer would.

A good audio interface for your home studio can range anywhere from $50 to about $500. If you plan to sample often, making beats software that will work the best for you, will require an audio interface. This will not only give you higher quality samples for your tracks, but is also a great addition to any studio as it has multiple uses.

It’s also important to be sure your specific program will allow you to edit a song once it’s imported. Some of the best samples are slowed down or sped up to better work with the song or have interesting effects put on them. This is a crucial factor in using samples. If you cannot manipulate a track after it has been imported your options of how to use your samples are quite limited. Quality programs will eliminate this and give you the options you need for a good beat maker.

Sampling music with your beat making software can be an excellent addition to your music and can give it that “wow factor” you have been looking for. However, samples should not be an excuse to cover up poorly made beats. Mastering your beat maker program before incorporating samples into your music should be something you strive for. The songs with the best samples, are used to simplify the process of beat making and make you a better producer.

Why You Need Beat Maker Programs with Your At-Home Recording Studio

Why You Need Beat Maker Programs with Your At-Home Recording Studio


Got some new beat program do you? You’ve got some great software that came with your computer and maybe you found some websites that will let you mix so you think you are ready to go. 

Don’t Get Ahead of Yourself

You’re not a professional. You need help. You can’t just fill a room with musicians and expect the sound to come out perfect. You’re going to need to make adjustments. No matter how much you plan and prepare, something will be off. Someone will sound too loud. Someone will sound too quiet. The first time it looks like you’re going to have a perfect take at a song from beginning to end, the doorbell will ring. You’re going to need to edit and you should do it well. Learn through a little research. It will make editing a lot easier and your end product will sound more professional and polished.


Remind yourself again that you’re not a professional. Production skills are fairly intuitive and you can learn them in a relatively short period of time. Don’t expect to sit down for an hour and walk away with a polished album an hour later. Don’t get discouraged. Don’t blame your computer. You need practice. Producers who make amazing albums have years of practice. There is no quick fix. You still need to learn how to use your tools and that takes time. It’s a tool albeit a powerful tool. Remember that no matter how accomplished and skilled you are a musician, you’ll still need to learn music production skills. Just like every other talent you’ve developed, it’s going to take time and maybe a bit of frustration and work. 

Get Serious About Your Beat Maker Software

Decide how you’re going to be using your software and what you might want in the future. Think of it as serious music production software and imagine your computer as a piece of music production equipment. If you’re going to be carrying it around to share it with your band mates or spending some serious time with it, maybe you want to use a different computer. Instead of leaving your old laptop to collect dust on the shelve, maybe you should dedicate it as a beat maker. Strip down the computer, then never connect it to the Internet, again unless you need to get your beat maker online. You don’t need a special operation system or any other software. Keep it simple and back it up often. 

 So now you’ve got a dedicated music production machine and you’re ready to learn how to use it. You can make all the difference in your at-home music production. Learn to use and love the process.

Other Features Of Your Ideal Beat Production Software

Other Features Of Your Ideal Beat Production Software

Choosing programs that best suits your needs is quite a challenging task. There’s hundreds of options from dozens of brands that all offer something different. How’s it possible to know which one’s best for you? While shopping for new beat making programs, it’s important to consider many factors based on your specific needs.


The first, and most obvious factor to consider is the type of computer your software will be installed with. Be sure the program is compatible on your computer’s operating system to start. After finding a compatible software, consider the speed and ability of your computer. For example, if your computer doesn’t do well running multiple programs or tends to slow with an increase in data, a simpler beat maker program would probably be best.


Music production software that work best for your needs is key when choosing a program for your computer. You want to be comfortable using the program while also having potential to manipulate tracks exactly how you want them. While choosing a beat making software for your production needs, consider the features that you’ll use the most or have the greatest need for. If you plan to make complicated beats from scratch, find a program with no less than 16 tracks on the sequencer. If dub step or techno is your music of choice, pick a program with a huge data base of sounds and BPM manipulation abilities. If you’re looking to just get started, find an inexpensive program with a lot of features. This will prepare you to upgrade in the future. Every program is going to work better for different people. Consider your needs and start from there.


While most music making software offers it standard, be sure the program you land on has a virtual keyboard. Even if you’re not a piano player or think you will need it, an on screen keyboard will come in handy more often than you think. The ability to add undertones throughout your music gives your work depth, living up to it’s fullest potential.


Saving music is crucial for those who spend hours a day mixing on their computer. There’s nothing more frustrating than working hard on a project only to have it all lost when the program closes. If you plan to keep your work, don’t rely on a free online beat maker. Since these programs rely on your Internet connection, work can be easily lost if service is lost, making online software somewhat unreliable.


Choosing the best software for making your beats may take time and some trial and error. Take advantage of free trials of higher end products, consumer reviews, and use your free time to play with the programs. This will give you a better understanding of what you want, making beats software easier to understand and a pleasure to use.

Music Maker Software for The Best Production

Music Maker Software for The Best Production

The glamorous world of music production is one of the hardest industries to break into. Many in the business will tell you “you got to know someone”, but all will tell you that raw talent is never ignored. If you’ve got the ability to mix tracks and make beats, you already have a leg up on the competition. If not, it’s not too late! Some of the best music maker software is available on your computer so you can get started on your career as a producer.

Becoming a successful producer certainly does not happen overnight. It takes years of practice, experience, and error before your talents truly pay off. By investing in the right software, you can start practicing to become the best.

Big name producers typically use software that reviews say “isn’t for newbies”. These programs assume you have a background in beat making and already have experience using some of the other beat maker program. Don’t spend $500 on your first software! Instead, look for a program that is going to work best for you as an aspiring producer.

Some programs offer features that cater to new beat makers and will help you to understand the process, not complicate it. Most software available will help you to navigate which programs are meant for beginners, and which ones only the experts will understand. Just because a program is for beginners does not mean you cannot produce high quality content on it.

A fantastic feature that some of the companies with beginner friendly programs are now offering is the ability to publish online directly. This is a great option for those who are trying to get feedback on their work from a community of peers without having to pay to get their music out. This is a highly recommended feature by seasoned producers and music making software users alike. Direct online publishing allows you to make a name for yourself in the music world faster than ever before.

While a simple program is best for those new to production, don’t choose one that limits you too much. The production software will give you full control over multiple tracks without having to compromise editing features, importing abilities, and doesn’t leave you scratching your head. Online forums and beat making software reviews are excellent ways to find out how other new producers learned to mix.

Investing a small amount of money and a lot of time in the best beat maker software at the beginning of your producing career will pay off handsomely in the future. By finding a simple program that can walk you through the basics, your music knowledge, beat making abilities, and awareness as a producer will all be honed and your talents will be noticed.

Using Beat Maker Programs for Sampling

Using Beat Maker Programs for Sampling

Beat maker programs are an easy way to do sampling. Let’s say you just heard a great mash-up and you’re ready to create your own. The first thing you’ll want to do is get a beat maker online. Everything you’ll find a digital audio workstation- the mixing console, audio converter, control surface, and data storage- is all wrapped up into a simple piece of software that you can carry with you anywhere.

Get What You Need

Getting an online beat maker is simple and fast. Learning how to use it shouldn’t be too difficult if you’ve got a bit of patience. Once you’re comfortable with the basic program operations, you’ll want to find some samples. If you’ve already got your own, you’re ahead of the game. If you’re looking for something new to use, check online. There’s a lot of places to find free music online (illegal downloads and torrent aside). A lot of websites are devoted to mixing, creating beats, DJ’s and whatever particular area you want to explore. They’ll provide you with, or guide you to, samples. Usually they’re broken down across construction kits. You can find different sections with beats, synths, bass lines anything else you think might fit your mast-up.

Make Your Track

Once you’ve got some sounds you think will blend together for your mix-up, load them up on your beat program. If you’re new to this, listen to some more mash-ups and pay attention to where they’re blending. Industrial music is a great example of how to mix. Even if that’s not the type of sound you are going for, it might inspire your drum beats. Don’t worry about having a perfect plan. Beat producing programs make editing simple. It’s easy to stick something in and it’s easy to pull it out.

Decide on your basics- the drums, melodies, a bass line- and you’re ready to get started. Adding sound effects, hats, and perks is easy and can really your mix from good to great. Drum patterns will make or break your song so give this a lot of thought. When you’re sampling, make sure you don’t get a dramatic break in the beat. Keep a lot of drum patterns saved in your music maker software, it’ll make it easy to keep trying new beats.

If you’re ready to get serious with sampling, download a beat maker from the internet. You’re going to have a hard time creating putting together anything decent without a good beat maker. Once you’ve got that, start working out how to mix and master tracks. It’s important to keep your arrangement clear when you’re sampling. You want people to know when you go from into to verse to bridge to chorus. If you’re not keeping it clear, you mashing it up too much. Give a lot of ups and downs when you creating a beat, it’ll make it sound smoother. So, if you’re ready to get serious, go grab a beat maker software and start getting to work.

Best Beat Making Software for Sampling

Best Beat Making Software for Sampling

Sampling is one of the biggest trends in popular music that some of the largest names in the world have taken advantage of. Sampling is the concept of taking a short part of a song, speech, television show or other digital media, and incorporating it into a new song. While famous producers use the best software and equipment in the world to incorporate their samples, it’s possible for you to do this at home with the proper program. With this technology being so readily available, just about anyone can have the capabilities of the high quality music production on their home computer without having to pay thousands of dollars in equipment.

When choosing the best beat maker software for sampling at home, there’s a few important features to look for in a program.


The most important factor in choosing a program for sampling is to check that it supports the type of audio file you plan to use. For most, this will be MP3, a format plenty of software commonly supports. However, if you use WAV, AIFF, Ogg Vorbis, or FLAC files, be sure the program you chose will support them. If you’re not sure what type of files you use, check online for beat making software reviews.

Sampling requires a good amount of fine tuning and small tweaks in a track to make sure the song being sampled doesn’t overpower your original beat. Read some reviews on software and see what other users have to say about the ability to edit tracks within the program. To successfully incorporate samples into your music, you need the ability to play with levels on the imported track and make it flow seamlessly into the song. While most beat making software will offer standard EQ techniques, not all will offer professional audio manipulation. If you plan to sample heavily, be sure you pick a software with the ability to change levels and tempo, live re-mixing capabilities, and warping and stretching abilities. The internet is an excellent source for questions like these that the manufacturer may not think to include in detail in their product descriptions.

A solid audio interface is also typically paired with soft for high quality sampling. This is a piece of equipment used to import tracks to your program with a much higher sample rate than your computer’s audio card. An interface will capture more information about the song and smoothes over “empty space” on the track. The result will be cleaner sounding samples and a loss of any tinny or whiny sounds. Higher sample rates offer the ability to produce a larger set of frequencies, an essential aspect of having great sounding samples. Again, take advantage of beat making software reviews to see what audio interface will be the best fit for your computer and software.

Sampling has proven to be a highly successful technique that can be accomplished on most programs. Like all aspects of mixing, personal preference will ultimately decide which program and equipment to purchase. Chose a program that gives you the flexibility to manipulate your samples without a lot of hassle and freedom to edit them constantly.

Beat Maker Programs for Beginners

Beat Maker Programs for Beginners

Beat maker programs are great to use when you are first learning how to make a beat. Tracking down some good software and learning how to use it is the first, and probably the most important, step in getting going as a DJ.

Finding the Beat

If you’re an aspiring DJ, you’re going to need to understand some fundamentals about music. Finding a beat maker online can make your job a lot easier but you’ll need to have the basics down to really use the software. First off, look at what a beat is. If you’ve played an instrument you probably know something about time signature. Most music is done in 4/4 time signature so you’ve got four beats in every measure. If you can’t quite pick out the time signature, you’re over thinking it. Watch someone listen to music. When you see him nod his head or tap his foot four times, those are the four beats.

Making the Beat

Once you get going with a solid beat maker, you’re going to need to figure out where to place the drum beats. Kicks and snares are the basis for your beat. When you’re adding drums in songs, you’ve got to get the timing just right. In most songs, the kicks will come at 1 or 3. Snares will come at 2 and 4. So, you’ve got the basic beat of: kick, snare, kick, snare. Once you get this down, it’ll start to sound like something.

Find a Beat Program For You and Learn It Well!

Don’t spend a lot of time trying out dozens of types of beat maker software. Find a good one and stick with it. Learn to use it well so you’re not wasting your time learning when you want to be creating something.

Inspire Yourself

Find someone to learn from. You don’t necessarily need a teacher but it’s good to look for someone to inspire you. If you’ve got a friend who knows what he’s doing, listen to him and ask for some tips. Search around the Internet. Even when you’re listening to a bad DJ, you’re getting an idea of what not to do. Keep listening until a new idea hits you then run home, open your software and get working on it while it’s fresh.

Getting Started

It’s good to get the fundamentals down so you know what you’re doing before you start. Get a general understanding of bass lines, drums, melodies, arrangement, effects, and mixing. Don’t just listen to already finished music. Take some time to learn how it was made. Spending a few minutes to watch a short video can give you a huge payoff. If you’re not up for it, don’t worry about spending hours try to learn everything an experienced DJ knows.

Open up your beat maker software and start creating something. If you’ve got the basic ideas down you can create something that sounds good. The more you make, the more you learn. If you hate something when it’s finished, think about what went wrong. Most programs make it easy to pull out what you don’t like without starting from scratch.

Now that you’re ready to go, find a beat maker today and get started!  Now you can turn your sound for amateur to professional with a few mouse clicks.

Make Your Own Beats And SoundBetter

Make Your Own Beats And SoundBetter

With Zya’s SoundBetter technology, you can make your own beats today, absolutely free! 

Everyone has had a dream of becoming a rock star. Whether you’re flavor is classic rock, rap, dance or country, Zya is the fun and easy way of sharing your music. This beat making software lets you make beats, transform your voice, or add hooks. You don’t have to be a seasoned musician or have years of experience to rise up the charts.  Zya allows anyone to sound like a rock star. SoundBetter is a fresh technological breakthrough from Music Masterminds that eliminates the barriers to creativity and enables everyone to instantly realize their dream of being a recording artist by eliminating the tedious, time consuming effort necessary to master music.




Three great features of this best beat making software, the vocal booth, the beat maker and the band room, allow an amateur or veteran rocker to create professional sounding music in no time. Want to sound like Reba, but croon like Minny Pearl?  No worries, with Zya’s vocal booth you can completely transform your vocals or enhance your own voice. Beat maker online functions to customize your own beats and incorporate them into your songs. Finally, mix it up in the Zya’s band room by creating your own unique sound with an incredible selection of instruments and genres.


Music Masterminds


Zya Studio is a virtual music world for promising new talent that may even result in $ and royalties paid out by the parent company, Music Mastermind (MM). MM was founded in 2008 by Matt Serletic,a former Virgin Records CEO, as well as a Grammy winner in songwriting,  and Bo Bazylevsky, big time, past Director of Emerging Markets at JP Morgan, a wall street bond trader. These guys wanted to break through the traditional hassle and time required to produce professional music, making it accessible to anyone. Matt and Bo’s virtual music studio boasts custom artist avatars, Zya cash that can be used to exchange music, images, and instruments with other Zya characters, individual My Zya pages, and online community points and participation. Plus, members can publish their own music and compete for prizes in contests.  


The Basics


To run Zya, you’ll need a computer with Windows 7 or Vista, a broadband Internet connection, and at least a 1.6 Ghz processor, 1 GB RAM. Currently the studio is not available to Mac users nor can you store your beats on MP3, but the creators promise to add these mediums soon, very soon. No external microphone or fancy keyboards are required, but as with any quality music production, they’ll enhance the quality of your final cut.  With video game like tutorials to walk you through step by step, anyone that can operate a mouse, can make music.  


Zya is the only beat maker software that lets you use popular hooks to re-design hit songs and simply produce studio-quality music from the comfort of your own computer.  All this at a price, free, we all can afford. So what are you waiting for?  Let the world hear your sound, and share your music now.

Making Beats Online – It’s Really That Simple

Making Beats Online – It’s Really That Simple

Making beats online has never been simpler with the innovative, full fledged beat making software, Audio tool. This dynamic music creation tool launches you straight into music production as soon as you enable the app, giving you the freedom of choice to begin from scratch or create on a template. AudioTool allows you to control each and every facet of the music. As  you’re managing the connection amongst devices like the splitter, beatbox, and merger, you’re in total control of your melodic compositions.


The initial appearance of the colorful, intense interface can seem a bit complicated and confusion for beginners, however with a little play and time spent on the several video tutorials, available by this beat maker online, anyone can be marching to their own beat. This best beat making software also allows you to publish your work on the web and downloaded or utilized to specified licensed programs. Creation, editing and publishing, spanning the whole gamut of sound production on your own personalized schedule and tastes. The setups include many devices including MIDI, side chaining and sample upload. Audio tool devices such as synths, drums, tons of effects and tools make this a very cool beat maker online.


The four main features of this beat maker software are drums: Beatbox 8 and 9 and the Machiniste I and II, synths: bassline, heisenberg, tonematrix, and pulverisateur, tools: centroid, splitter, merger, Kobolt, audiotrack, minimixer and the crossfader and too many effects to list,  like the classic slope, tube pitch delay and compressor, and the interesting parametric EQ, gate, crusher and rasselbock Timeline allows convenient access to 3 main regions, the Note, Pattern and Automation Regions.


The centric element of AudioTool is its desktop. The desktop of this beat maker software lets you produce devices, make inter-connect them, and adjust their sound, all from one readily accessible point. Click, drag and drop functioning enables device selection, navigation and categorization with the pointer. The marquee tool allows multiple device selection while the cue tool singles out a particular cable or slot. With a handy zoom slider and lock function, you can quickly customize your desktop experience and be on your way, happily making beats online.  


When making a connection linking two or more devices, simply drag the selection, effect, tool, synth or drum from the devices panel and drop it onto the desktop. Once you’ve arranged your interface and modified it to your preferences, use the lock function to seal the deal. Ready to Rock!!



The visual and schematic tutorials of this beat making software are always available online to guide you through more easily than can be explained here anytime you are feeling creative. Really, it’s much simpler than it sounds. A Audiowiki link with index and searchable guides is invaluable. Similar to the function of the cue tool, the Solo device makes it possible to isolate a single, selected output cable and its sound. Built into this beat making software, the permanent state solo, is a very useful tool when you need to focus on a particular arrangement amongst the busy setup. Once you set a slot into solo state,  a Solo Indicator shows you which slot is presently active. Un-checking Solo in the slots context menu disables it.


The interconnections and routings and redirects of this free online are amazingly exciting and endless, making this beat making software an industry preference for any level of music production.

Making Your Own Beats For Dollars Or Joy

Making Your Own Beats For Dollars Or Joy

Music for Money or Merit

With the number of talent popping up all throughout the country, it’s no surprise you want to try making your own beats! You’re in luck because there’s many different beat maker software and beat maker online programs that will give you the opportunity without making studio time, buying expensive instruments and equipment or even having any musical training! 


There’s a product for almost every interest and price range so you have to decide what type of sounds and music you want to create and take it from there. Most of the best beat making software programs available today are pretty similar. They’re more extensive than beat maker online sites because they provide discs with additional features and run quicker. It’s easy to compare the top companies with their ads, product descriptions and professional and customer reviews. They also have free downloadable demos so you can hear what the beats and instruments sound like. There’s even a visual option so you can look cool if you’re working live!


When you check out different products, you want to find the ones with clear video tutorials so you can get started making your own beats quickly. Some music background is helpful, but it’s not necessary with the easy to follow instructions and online support offered by the various beat maker software manufacturers. The clarity and manageability of the interface is really important, but those have been streamlined in the newest products. Access to thousands of natural and musical sounds and styles of beats helps you create music in any style. 


2 and 4 octave keyboards are easy to use and have the option to draw in beats and click and drag sections to change them with the new beat making software. The actual drum pads offer a variety of sounds and rhythms. The sounds are mixed and edited on 16 tracks so it’s easy to copy or rearrange your work. Audio files that are studio quality 44.1 stereo .wav let you download to mp3s, CDs and any of the social networking sites so you can share your beats with friends or send them out as demos to clubs, radio stations or producers. Some let you access VSTs and others allow you to work at different DAWs.


Customer service is important for any type of product and it’s no exception with beat maker software. Any company that doesn’t stand behind its product isn’t worth doing business with. The top programs provide online members only sites where you can get the latest product information and chat with other users to discuss problems and answer questions. There’s also access to customer service via phone or fax. They even provide free upgrades as they’re ready for the market.


Price is a consideration for most people. If you’re not able to catch an introductory special offer, the prices are about the same, starting around $250. More expensive programs exist, but they’re either really advanced and more than the average user needs. Check each company for a full money back option or the product isn’t reliable.


So now you’re ready to do a little investigating and choose the best beat making software for your interests and needs. Remember to look for good instructions, easy to use programs good storage and download capabilities. Before you know it, you’ll be making your own beats and they’ll show up in the clubs, be used as ringtones or game themes or become the next big hit!

Music Beat Maker Products

Music Beat Maker Products

Technology offers amateur musicians many different music beat maker programs to let them create the beats and songs that they’re dying to produce. Everyone can download reasonable and even free applications to lay down hot beats as a hobby or as a career. 


There’s many companies that produce beat maker online only programs and others that have beat maker software packages. Some of the top products today are FL Studio 10, DUBturbo, Cyber Sequencer and Sonic Producer V2.0. They’ve developed good reputations and are reasonably priced. The best part is, they do away with the need for studio time and lots of different equipment!  


The best beat making software packages offer tremendous options in terms of sounds and beat libraries, special effects programs, synthesizers and much more. All genres of music such as techno, rap, Latin, Jazz and hip hop are represented. Beat maker online products are more limited in what they can offer, but an advantage is being able to work anywhere there’s a computer and the Internet. You never know when you might hear something that gives you an idea for a great sound!


The most important options that beat making software programs offer include instructional videos to get the true beginner started creating music quickly and an easy to navigate intuitive interface. No one wants to spend lots of time going over technical guides or struggling to figure out how to use the product! The new programs have streamlined the interface to make it easier to use.


Technical features that are important to look at include the keyboard which may be 2 or 4 full octaves and the number and programmability of drum pads. Beat making software programs vary regarding these options, but most are similar. The use of 44.1 stereo PCM .wav audio files gives you access to many different download options including most of the social networking sites. Some have better uploading capabilities and there’s also a variety of storage options. 16 tracks are the standard for composing and rearranging your beats. There’s mixing and editing options as well as a draw in feature for clicking and dragging bars around.


Customer service is very important to the best beat making software companies. They provide help with questions about the use of their product as well as host forums and members only sites to supply information, product improvements and customer to customer communication. They also offer lifetime free updates as new products are introduced.


The price of the newest programs is roughly the same and starts at about $250 unless you catch an introductory price. Other programs may be more expensive, but that doesn’t always mean they’re better! Check also for product guarantees and money back offers.


Once you have built up a library of your own work, you can send demos to DJs at clubs, producers of CDs and other music products and radio stations. With the great sound quality of the new beat maker software, you’ll have professional sounding beats in no time.


Now that you have decided to give it a try, be sure to compare your options by checking out reviews and product descriptions to find the features you’re most interested in. Ads for music beat maker products have free demos to download so you can hear the sounds or you can talk to other people who use them. Pretty soon, you’ll have a lot of fun and maybe even an opportunity to make money!

What is the Best Beat Maker?

What is the Best Beat Maker?

Compare the Top Selling Best Beat Making Software

Have you ever wanted to create your own beats? Or are you a professional looking for the best beat maker that’s new on the market? Two hot new products can give you not only what you need but what you didn’t’t even know you wanted! DUBturbo and Sonic Producer V2.0 are 2 of the best on the market! They provide studio quality sound and advanced production capabilities that do away with the need to find a studio or invest in lots of expensive equipment. 


To find the best beat making software, you should be aware of some of the available features. The software has to be able to run on PC or Mac so you don’t have to go out and get a new computer. This is great for easy uploads, downloads, saving and distributing. You should be able to get beats with no royalty fees and own the full rights to whatever you create. The comfort level of using the interface is important, and you should also look for tutorials and tech support that can provide help.


The Sonic Producer V2.0 and the DUBturbo beat maker software programs are easy to use, they come with detailed video instructions and have loads of great features to get you farther along on your path to create your own beats. Each product comes with a huge library of sounds so you can create beats for any genre – from soul to rap or jazz to techno and everything in between. The interface for these programs is easier to navigate than the older versions of beat makers’ DAW’s. They also include click and drag and write in options.


Beat maker Software capabilities are another concern. You can find 2 and 4 full octave keyboards, a number of drum options, 16 track sequencers and other special functions. A new feature, Virtual Studio Technology (VST), isn’t available on all software packages. 


The most important consideration is sound since that’s what the finished product is. Beat maker online programs say they have “study quality” sound which means there is access to 44.1K WAV files. This lets what you download and send demos directly to DJ’s, music producers, radio stations and anyone else you want. Private and commercial users are always looking for new beats for website audio, game themes, ringtones and many other uses.


The support provided for getting the best use out of any of the beat maker programs is important to consider. It’s good to have video instructions, but it’s even better if you have permanent access to product updates and information. Some companies give you the opportunity to enter contests or download your beats to master files that consumers can listen to and buy!


Another question is how much you pay for your beat making software and if you can be secure while paying. Special deals for the whole package may go for under $40 since these 2 programs are pretty new. When the deals are done though, the price will start at about $200. You can use a credit card, ClickBank or Paypal and they are guaranteed safe. You also need to check for a money back guarantee!

Plenty of website’s and reviews can help you find out what the greatest beat making software programs are and you can even sample the beats and sounds through links in the sales promotions. If you’re considering Sonic Producer V.20 or DUBturbo or any other product, check them out and be sure to get what you really want to create killer beats!

Music Making Choices – Create Beats Software

Music Making Choices – Create Beats Software


There’s a lot of talent that needs a chance to get out. If you feel like that means you, try making music with new create beats software. There’s many products out there that can help anyone from a beginner to an established artist create sounds that will explode at a party or in a club. All you need is to find the best beat making software to fit your musical needs. 


It’s a lot easier today to begin a career in music since there is no need for a sophisticated studio or high priced equipment. Beat maker online programs and beat maker software are available that can do the same calibre of job. All you have to do is compare the top products for sale today and see which one has the features that you want. The biggest question is how much money you want to spend, then find the program that is easiest to learn and use. One that provides the range of music and beats you need to bring your ideas to life.


The best beat making software products offer very similar features. It’s easy to look at the ads and read some product reviews by professionals and consumers to get an idea of the differences between manufacturers. There’s plenty of reputable companies, but also a big difference in prices. You don’t have to spend a lot of money to get a top quality product.


When comparing the beat making software available you want to look for the best beats and other musical sounds that are available. Some products have extensive files with thousands of sounds and others give you access to online sources. Studio sound quality is important for the best downloading results and the ability to save your work is essential. Most let you lay down and mix on 16 tracks so editing, copying and rearranging sections of the beats is easy. You’ve got the choice of 2 or 4 full octave keyboards and drum kits provide the sounds and beats for any style of music from rap and hip hop to jazz and reggae. 44.1 stereo 16 bit PCM .wav audio is what you need to provide the best sound on demos, club tracks and other professional uses. 


Other features that make some beat maker software stand out from the others is the presence of tutorials and the ease of managing the interface. You don’t want to be left hanging or stuck with complicated technical manuals. Beat maker online programs may have tutorials, but the best software products have video instructions and access to their customer service people through the Internet, by phone or fax. There are even member forums where users can chat, ask questions and discuss techniques. 


New products have recently come out because of the huge interest in beat making software. Special introductory prices have been as low as $40, but even after the offer is over, the prices are still reasonable at $250 considering all the additional features that are part of the offer. The manufacturers also offer limited full money back guarantees.


So if you’re ready to put your ideas into sound or just want to upgrade your DAW, the new create beats software programs are what you need. In no time you will be impressing your friends and even making money as you use the most complete beat making products out there to download your sounds to the social networking sites or send demos to producers!

Online Music Producing Programs Using Beat Maker Programs

Online Music Producing Programs Using Beat Maker Programs

If you’re going to be a DJ, you need to get beat maker software. You can turn your living room or bedroom into a fanatic recording studio in no time. If you’ve got a computer, you’re already half way there. Track down a beat maker online and you’ll be laying down tracks like crazy. It probably seems like a big project than it really is. Anyone can become a record producer. Results and profits may vary but it’s not too difficult to get started. 


So you’ve got some music you want to get out into the world? You’ve cleared your walls and are ready to start hanging gold albums. Now you need to look at beat maker programs. Don’t be too worried about start-up costs. Everything you’ll need is relatively affordable and it’s easy to get a beat maker online. Your computer will probably be the most expensive part of your operation so don’t get too bogged down in thinking it’s not doable. 


Making Yourself Heard

If you have a fairly new well-equipped computer, you probably already have a microphone. Don’t waste your time poring over reviews on state-of-the-art equipment. It’s probably a waste of money at this state. Use what you already have. Your beat maker software can help smooth out the sound if it’s not perfect. If you’re going to buy something, figure out what works well with beat maker programs

Getting Started


You’ve cleared a space, pulled out your computer, and are ready to go. Your next step is to find a beat maker online. It’s important to find something good and stick with. Your goal isn’t to learn a dozen different software programs. Find a good one and start figuring it out. You’ll be surprised how user-friendly they are. Get some sounds saved onto your computer and start mixing. Once you got the basics of using your beat maker down, you can learn the ins and outs as you go. Start playing around and getting comfortable with your beat maker software


Sell Out

Now that you’re official a music producer, tell people! Brag, show off, and make people listen. Be the loudest beat maker online. There’s more ways to get your music out there than you’ll ever have time to look at. You probably already spend a lot of time on social media talking about yourself. Start talking about your music. Keep your beat maker software running in the background of your computer so it’s always on your mind. 


The worst thing that can happen is that you’ll get started and forget about it. Stay motivated and interested. Talk to other amateur and professional producers. You’ve laid down some money on beat maker programs and spent the time to get started, don’t let it go to waste! Get yourself out there, make necessary mistakes, learn, and get better. It’ll be a process, but it’ll probably be fun. You might not make a fortune at it but you can definitely enjoy yourself and make good rewarding music.

Best Beat Making Software for Beginners Everywhere

Best Beat Making Software for Beginners Everywhere

Is there always a beat in your head? Do you love hip-hop and R&B? Do you have dreams of making beats for the biggest artists in the world, but simply don’t know where to start? To make the best beats, you need the best beat making software for amateurs. This is a key step on the road to becoming a successful producer or musician. 


Picking the single best beat maker software is nearly impossible as every beat maker has different needs. If you’re just beginning your career as a beat maker, simpler is better. The high-end software’s tend to not be beginner friendly and will leave you frustrated and out of money. These programs will become useful to you once you have mastered the basics and will be much easier to use. So, how do you choose one software from a sea of choices?


First, think about what kind of music you’re looking to create. Do you want to sample other songs? Do you want to layer multiple tracks to make complex arrangements? Do you plan on making your own beats from scratch, or using pre-made samples? What is your experience with beat making? These’s all important factors to consider when searching for the best beat maker software for your studio. To see how other users have used these products, it’s a good idea to read some beat making software reviews.   


The Internet’s a great place to start your search. Find some beat making software reviews  and see what other users have to say about them. This will give you an idea of the pros and cons of each software and will most likely be one of your best resources in choosing the best beat making software for you. Look at negative reviews for any consistent flaws in each program and consider how that will affect your beat making. As with any online information, be wary of beat making software reviews that come from unprofessional web sites. Look for consistent, well researched reviews from real users that will provide you with accurate information on the product. Beat making software reviews will provide you with a wealth of information while choosing the best program. 


Manufacturers of some of the best beat maker software offer free trials of their products, but are usually limited to about a weeks worth of use. However, this is an excellent way to explore a program before purchasing. Do not simply settle on a program because of the name or one specific feature. Take advantage of as many trials as possible. 


If a company claims to have professional grade software for free, it’s most likely not worth your time in the long, or short run. The best beat making software requires thousands of hours of research and development, talented designers, and knowledgeable employees. If you are not paying for software, the company is not paying these people. There’s plenty of great programs available for online download around the $30 price point. No need to break the bank in the beginning, but don’t expect the best beat maker software for free.

You Can Make Beats on Computer

You Can Make Beats on Computer

There’s a lot of technology today that lets amateur musicians make beats on computer. A variety of beat maker software programs let them compose the beats and music that they’re anxious to produce. It’s easy to download reasonably priced and even free programs to lay down hot beats for fun or as the beginning of a career.

Many companies produce beat maker online only programs and others manufacture beat maker software packages. A few of the top products available today are Sonic Producer V2.0, FL Studio 10 and Cyber Sequencer. Some are new and others have updated older products, but they’ve got a good name and are priced reasonably. With any of these products you can work anywhere where there’s a PC or Mac computer and access to the Internet.

The best beat making software programs around have packages with tremendous options for sounds and beats, synthesizers, special effects and much more. The options with beat maker online programs are more limited, but they have the advantage of being used anywhere. There’s always plenty of sounds around that may inspire a wicked new beat!

Instructional videos to get the true beginner started creating music quickly and an easy to navigate intuitive interface are several of the most important features that most beat making software programs have to offer. Who wants to spend time figuring out technical guides or how to use the product! The newer programs have streamlined the interface so it’s easier to use.

Important technical features consist of an either 2 or 4 full octave keyboard and a variety of drum pads and beats. Beat making software programs are similar regarding these options, but the differences may be important for personal reasons. 44.1 stereo PCM .wav audio files provide access to various different download options. Social networking sites, MP3s and CDs are all accessible. There’s some programs with better uploading capabilities as well as different storage options and capacities. 16 tracks are standard for you to compose and rearrange your beats. Mixing and editing options include a write in feature to click and drag bars to other spots.

Providing customer service is very important for the best beat making software companies. Representatives help with questions about how to use their product and website’s host members only sites and forums to provide ongoing information, product improvement notification and open communication between users. Also with free lifetime updates as new features are introduced.

As you build up a library of sounds, demos can be forwarded to club DJs, radio stations and CD producers and people who deal with other products using music. The great sound quality provided by the new beat maker software gives you professional sounds and beats that might just be the start of an exciting new career!

The newest programs are priced roughly the same and start around $250 unless there’s an introductory price special. Other more expensive programs may not necessarily be better! Find out about product guarantees and money back options.

When you’re ready to buy, be sure to look at the options. You can check reviews, product descriptions and website’s to compare the features you’re interested in. Music beat maker producers offer free demos to download in their ads so you can hear what their product sounds like. Soon you’ll make beats on computer like a pro!

The Making Beats Software Question

The Making Beats Software Question

How to Figure Out What’s Out There

If you have a musical idea and are looking for making beats software to bring it to life, there’s a number of things to keep in mind as you wade through the best beat making software available. The first priority is to decide what type of music you want to create, how much money you can spend and how easy the product is to use. Then, compare the top names on the market today and see how they stack up against each other in fitting your requirements.

Unless you are a professional or are very committed to developing a career, beat making software is the way to start. You can get so many features with great sound quality without needing a studio or expensive equipment. Beat maker online products are the simplest way to go to see if it’s really what you’re interested in.

There are many beat maker software companies that offer pretty much the same thing. Looking at the ads and product reviews, it’s pretty easy to narrow the search to the legit products that are customer tested and approved. There’s also a pretty wide range of prices, so check it out carefully – the most expensive is not always the best.

Musical and audio capabilities vary among the beat making software products on the market. Essentially, you need to look for 16 tracks to maximize your sounds and huge files of sample beats and musical sounds and instruments. Editing and mixing are important, so the ability to draw in bars or click and drag sections is really handy, and the capability of controlling the tempo, volume and special effects is a plus. 2 and 4 octave keyboards are available, and there’s different numbers of programmable drum pads for different sounds and beats. Studio quality sound is a must have, and the option to upload from and download to different devices is crucial.

As you check out the additional features of beat maker online sites or beat maker software, there are several factors to keep in mind. Video tutorials and clear instructions are really important and the interface has to be easy to use so you can start producing your hot beats quickly. Being able to reach customer support or access forums to discuss your issues with other users are also vital to your success with any type of software.

The best beat making software available today may be on sale for a special introductory price. If not, the programs start at around $250. That’s not a bad price when you compare it to what you would pay for studio time and equipment. It’s also not bad because you can turn your interest in laying down beats into a money maker! There’s a demand for hot beats for club music, ringtones, website audio, custom dubs and so much more. Producers check out YouTube and other social networking sites to see if there’s something that catches their attention!

Whether you’re just getting started or ready to improve your DAW, you have to check out the tremendous offers on making beats software that are on the market today! Compare prices, features, ease of use and downloading capabilities and find the right program to start producing your own music now!

The Best Music Production Software on the Market

The Best Music Production Software on the Market

In a market full of beats makers, the FL Studio 10 package is one of the best music production software systems available today. The company has a strong reputation and has built on the success of earlier models by making this software easy to use and including the top features serious musicians look for in their equipment.

An Example of the Best Beat Maker Software

FL Studio 10 music and beat maker software gives you the ability to work live or record with features that let you create and record then mix and edit your work. Pitch correction, slicing and cut and paste options let you manipulate your music and give you the opportunity to harmonize, remix and include effects like reverb and delay. There’s even an option making it compatible with other DAWs!

There’s several features that set the FL Studio 10 apart from other beat maker software programs. FL Studio enables the export and recording of numerous audio files of full ensembles down to single vocals from the source to MIDI controller and onto an audio file. The ease of navigating the system is enhanced by elements such as the Edison wave editor, Vocodex and SpliceX. The FL Studio 10 has an additional Synthmaker to change effects and filters and the ability to try out different instruments. New and improved memory features allow for various VST plugins with space up to 192 GBs. Elements of your work can also be saved in a separate memory allocation.

The audio input and output advantages of the FL Studio 10’s best beat making software let you utilize tracks and effects from various sources and create many different audio files. This variety gives you the ability to use this beat making software to process files or convert them as a batch.

The makers of the best beat making software are always concerned with the user friendliness of their products. FL Studio 10 has demonstrated this by listening to customer comments and incorporating them into the new product. When you purchase this program, a user name is provided to you along with a password to get you direct access to customer support 24/7 or you can call, fax or email as well. Forums also let you communicate and share problems and ideas with other users. There’s tutorials to guide you through the set-up and initial use of the FL Studio 10 and, and an additional program is available for $49.99 called the FL Studio Bible. This is a detailed user guide not available with other beat making software that’s easy to follow and has extensive reference pages and tips for getting the most out of the program. An added feature is the unlimited availability of free updates.

The DVD package of beat maker software is valued at roughly $270, and the recommended MIDI and cable converters can be added for less than $100. This is backed by a 45/60 day return and price protection guarantee.

If you want one of the best music production software programs available today, check out the new FL Studio 10. This is not simply a beat maker online, but a complete software package with some of the top audio production and mixing features at an affordable price.

Wanted Programs To Make Beats

Wanted Programs To Make Beats

In researching the best programs to make beats available online and taking into consideration the cost, flexibility, versatility, and required level of musical and technological expertise, few can compare to the comprehensive package offered by Ableton, Suite 8 and Ableton Live. Whether you’ve been producing music for years or still trying to break into the business, this fabulous mix-master software can enhance your beats and polish your riffs with professional precision and studio quality sound.

This professional-grade beat maker software enables mixing, mastering, and creative sound processing for the new comer and the experienced alike. Suite 8 is a total software studio giving you all the features and sound with a packed library of amazing sounds and a priceless vat of useful resources. The online resource links and reference material is worth the price of the software!  If you’re the type of person who would rather be making music, rather than using music software, Live 8, the newest version, is for you. Live is all about creating music for recording, songwriting, re-mixing, production, and live performance.


Boasting a library containing over 1600 expressive sounds, with versatile control features available on each, a comprehensive menu of  MIDI effects and built-in audio, a wide variety of software instruments, drum and effect racks, construction kits with phrases and loops in various styles, song templates, 32-bit/192 kHz multi track recording, powerful MIDI sequencing, and nondestructive editing makes Ableton one of the best beat making software options available today. Boxed versions also offer multiprocessor, multi-core and bridge support.

Suite 8 provides 11  instruments and effects with a sampler, acoustic and electric drums, mallets, synths, amp Abelton effects a  number of sweet, sampled instruments, and the newly reworked Operator. Collision and Latin Percussion, two newly added instruments, set this beat maker online apart from the rest.

Interested in serious sound design?  Well, tap into this arsenal of authentic sample-based instruments, six powerful synthesizers, and a selection of rich effects devices.


With interactive lessons, and tutorials and PDF manuals available in English, Spanish, Japanese, German, and French, anybody, anywhere can gain the insight of Abelton, Live 8 localized software menus. Free trial is available for 30 days, after which you may purchase Ableton Live 8 ($449); Live 8 Box which includes EIC 2 ($549) free shipping; Ableton Suite ($699);or Ableton Suite Box ($849). Bonus: SoundCloud Pro, 5 month subscription included until May 31st with any boxed version purchase.If you prefer a hard copy, you can order the 48GB boxed version of Suite 8 or down directly from the website to your hard drive. The software is compatible with either Windows (XP, 7, Vista, sound card) or Macs.

Ableton’s Suite 8 is a complete beat making software package: all the sounds and all the tools in one place. An preferred favorite of  live performers, Live’s  intuitive, nonlinear flow, packed in with flexible performance options and unlimited powerful editing tools make it a unique, personalized studio program worth its weight in gold.

Finding the Best Beat Maker Programs

Finding the Best Beat Maker Programs

Side by Side Comparison To Create Your Own Beats

If you’re a beginner with the desire to create your own beats or a professional looking for beat maker programs, you have two super new products that can give you what you want and then some! DUBturbo and Sonic Producer V2.0 are the hottest on the market and offer studio quality sound and production capabilities without having to find a studio or buy lots of expensive equipment.

Both of these beat maker programs are easy to use, have loads of great features and come with video tutorials to get you quickly start producing killer beats. Each comes with a library of thousands of sounds to create your own beats for any genre – from urban to blue grass, rap to classical. The new interface is much easier to work with than the older beat makers’ DAW’s and includes write in and click and drag options.

When you’re looking for great beat making software, there’s a number of features you should look for. Since both involve the computer, the program has to be able to run on PC or Mac. This allows for uploads, downloads, saving and distributing. You want to get beats without paying royalty fees as well as owning the full rights to anything you produce. The flexibility and ease of using the interface is important, and instructional videos and tech support provide a tremendous amount of help.

The capabilities of the beat making software are another concern. There are 2 and 4 full octave keyboards, different drum options, a 16 track sequencer and special functions like click and drag and write in your music. Virtual Studio Technology (VST) is a new feature and not available on all software packages.

Sound is the most important issue, since that’s what you’re aiming to produce. Beat maker programs claim to have “study quality” sound. That means you have access to 44.1K WAV files and what you download can be marketed directly to DJ’s, music producers, radio stations and anyone else you want. That’s really important because if the quality is not there, you’re not going to make money.

Support for the optimal use of the beat maker programs is an important consideration. Video tutorials are good, but it is an advantage if you have access to updates and information about the product. If there’s contests you have access to or you can download your beats to files that can be listened to and purchased, it’s even better!

Other customer service issues include how much you pay for your beat making software and being secure while paying. Since these products are relatively new, special deals may get you the whole package for under $40. After the deals expire, the price goes up to about $200. The option to use a credit card, Paypal or ClickBank is guaranteed safe. You also can’t beat a full money back guarantee!

There’s plenty of website’s to find out about the beat maker programs and even sample some of the beats and sounds. Whether you choose Sonic Producer V.20 or DUBturbo, remember to find the features that you really want so your beats will be killer!

Get the Best Beat Making Software Available

Get the Best Beat Making Software Available

If you’ve ever dreamed of producing killer beats, now is the time to get the best beat maker software at a price you can afford! Sonic Producer V2.0 is on the market and can help make those dreams come true with a state of the art beat maker machine and software. Even if you can’t read music, Sonic Producer V2.0 will get you started laying down your own beats fast without the hassle and expense of a studio and tons of equipment.

Sonic Producer has a proven track record in the industry and has developed their beat making software to be extremely user friendly. Whatever your favorite music genre is, a super database of pre-programmed sounds including Spanish guitar, drums, steel drums, piano, snares, timpani , kicks and many more is there to make top quality music. In depth instructional videos guide you through the beginning steps and customer service is available 24/7.

Sonic Producer V2.0 is an online application that will work on any PC or MAC with an Internet connection. This lets you work and save online so you can create anywhere. Another great part is that you own all the rights to your music. Upload your beats to social networking sites including YouTube to get your sounds out there, download to MP3’s or a studio quality 44.1K WAV file, and market your work to DJ’s, radio stations and even music producers. Your beats can be turned into promo music, ringtones and sounds for loads of other personal and professional uses. What might start out as fun can turn into a money maker or even a career!

This fantastic new package includes a 4 octave keyboard with easy to learn shortcuts and 12 drum pads that are fully programmable. You can lay your beats down in the super 16 track mixer with separate volume controls for each track. There’s even a click and drag function to make changing things super easy. Thousands of sounds are available and you never have to worry about a computer crash because of the save feature like some other beat making software. There’s a special member’s area site that keeps you up to date with the information and updates you need, and you can enter the monthly “Best Beat Contests” and see how your killer beats compare to everyone else’s.

The price for this beat making software is really killer. Payment is secure and easy with either a credit card or Paypal and there is a full 60 day money back guarantee.

So, if you’ve ever given any thought to the idea that you could create your own beats or are ready to work with a newer system, Sonic Producer V2.0 is at a super low introductory price! You can’t lose with extras valued at close to $600 and the opportunity to get updates and tutorials free – all with 24/7 customer support and a full 60 day money back guarantee!

Learn To Create Your Own Beats With Beat Making Software

Learn To Create Your Own Beats With Beat Making Software

Many people are interested in making music today because of the availability of high quality, reasonably priced beat making software. Instead of needing studio time or loads of equipment, beat making software provides the beginner or professional with a way to create hot beats and music with a computer.

There’s many products on the market for creating and recording beats. The best beat making software certain features that set them apart from the rest. Even though you don’t need all kinds of equipment, you do need to learn how to use the beat making software. For that reason, products that offer not only free video tutorials but 24/7 customer service are great. Learning about the process is one thing, but an intuitive, easy to use interface is also important. Many have options that let you draw in elements and copy or click and drag bars instead of typing them in.

New Products to Help You Create To Your Own Beats


There are beat maker programs that are good and also inexpensive, but they’re more limited in the range of features and downloading and saving capabilities they offer. For the best beat and sound production the libraries contained on software offer thousands of different sounds, beats and special effects. There’s also online access you can use to find even more beats and then save your files. The studio quality sound these beat making software programs create is suitable to download to a variety of files for personal or professional use. Have fun with friends or sell your beats to producers, clubs and anyone else who works with music for ringtones, video dubbing or game themes.

The specifications most of the best beat making software programs follow include 16 tracks for composing, editing and copying your beats. They also use 44.1 stereo 16 bit PCM .wav audio files for the highest quality sound. The interface allows you to work with a 2 or 4 octave that’s easy to see and manipulate. Numerous drum pads offer the sounds and beats for all types of music like hip hop and rap or Latin and reggae.

It’s not as hard as it may seem to narrow down the choices for beat maker programs.

You can find loads of ads for all the products and there are countless reviews from professionals as well as customers. Some companies offer member sites with passwords for the customer to access news and information and others maintain website’s. Most packages include regular free upgrades as new products are developed and introduced. Programs that are strictly beat maker programs online sites may not have as complete a range of these options.

Prices vary for these different beat maker programs, especially since some are new and have introductory offers. Even if you miss these offers, the prices are still reasonable considering all of the extras that come with the programs. There’s some that are very expensive, but the highest price does not always mean the best beat making software. Most prices seem to be in the $250 to $300 range.

Now that you’re ready to enter the world of making music, you have great opportunities to find many different products and learn how to use beat making software. With sample download demos, customer reviews and product descriptions, you can find the right product to create your own beats!

Online Beat Machine – Sonic Producer

Online Beat Machine – Sonic Producer

Sonic Producer, the complete online beat machine featuring point and click pop up boxes that include all the sounds necessary to lay down complete tracks and generate studio quality recordings from your PC or Mac. If you want to produce rap, hip hop, electro or techno music that stands out among the sea of tracks, you need Sonic producers.

There are tons of beat maker software programs floating around online ranging from free to two grand.  You’ve heard the expression, “You get what you pay for.”  In this case, as many others, you definitely get what you pay for. The majority of free beat makers out there are crap. You don’t need a thousand dollar system to create quality beats, just around $30 with a 60 day  full, no questions asked refund policy. If you like to sample before you commit, Sonic producer is offering a 3 day trial of their newly launched 2.0 version for a limited time. They’re convinced that their beat generators, customer service and insider guides to making money in music production will manifest itself to you in less than 72 hours.

The main benefits of this beat maker online are its ease of use, sound production, tutorials, and membership.

User Friendly, Simple

Sonic producer is super easy to use and understand. The web site’s FAQ area boasts that even a 7 year old can effectively use this beat making software. Simply click on a bar on their 16-track sequencer at the spot where you desire melodies, or snares, or techno beats. No complicated equipment to connect. Just their interface, click and go.

Effortless Sounds

The Sonic Producer team is always updating your software with the latest hi quality sounds. Therefore, you don’t have to spend hours searching for additional sounds which as anyone who has delved into the establishment of their own musical library can attest can be extremely costly, in the thousands folks. Continual, constant updating automatically, all the time is included in the one time fee assessed

Excellent Beat Making Software Tutorials

Ideal for the beginner and extremely helpful for the professional beat composer are the beat generating video tutorials that are essential in mastering all components of music production.  The more you understand about the program and how it can work for you, the better your composition quality.  Higher quality sounds produce higher quantity sales.  All this means, a more realistic chance at earning money as a professional music producer in less time.

Community Membership

When you partner up with Sonic Producers, you’re not just a member, you’re part of their virtual community giving you insight and guidance into the music industry. This totally online community allows you access to networking and unparalleled exposure, opening doors to you that were previously sealed and barred shut. By providing useful tips from pros already in the business on successful methods selling and marketing your beats, it gives you a real shot at nailing genuine record label contacts.

So, if you’re serious about putting out record industry level beats, the best beat making software is essential. Want to be taken seriously as a rap producer or hip hop artist, and stand out above the rest of hopefuls? Then, get down to business with the Sonic producer and begin your journey into the music industry with the support of  their team of professionals whose main interest in your best interest.

Pro Tools – Make Beats Software

Pro Tools – Make Beats Software

To use this make beats software to its fullest potential, requires basic knowledge about the bit rate/sample rate, internal signal flow, buffer/delay compensation, I/O setups, time stretching, and each of the many tools offered. This is not a newbie audio production program. Yeah, you can plug in, press record ready, record you and your buds, then mix away, but honestly, you’ll be missing out on what sets this program as the “industry standard.” So, if you’re a beginner who’s serious about music recording and production, and have decided to invest in this make beats software, do the research, read up on the features, and expand your musical knowledge level.

Otherwise, you will be frustrated by the full support operational skills necessary to run the best beat making software at its full throttle. There’s other beat maker software programs which come with more toys and plug ins, are less buggy, and run faster, however NONE of them can offer you the studio quality recording & editing capabilities that PT8M-P can. By learning and incorporating your shortcut keys, you can seamlessly FLY through your recording sessions! It takes practice to be the best, at anything you wish to master, this beat maker online is no exception.

Not oriented or geared toward you MIDI geek’s, Pro Tools has limited MIDI capabilities.  If you are dead set on MIDI modules, PT8 M Powered, will allow imports via a stereo track from a companion beat maker software that you already have. This latest version of Pro Tools is slightly easier and more user friendly than in earlier versions of this beat making software.

Consider running PT8.03 MPowered on an Intel Macbook Pro and an Intel Core-2 iMac, it runs great on both. You can mix it up with tons of plug ins simultaneously running with little worry of CPU overloads on this beat making software. You should realistically understand your computer’s limitations prior to  purchasing. Be fully aware that this is NOT Pro Tools HD, with dedicated hardware processing all the audio data and costs thousands more than PT8M-P  You’re getting Reduced Calorie Pro Tools and paying the reduced price. Therefore, know that your computer’s CPU will be the sole processor which can be quite hefty, depending on your sample rate, sessions size, and what and how many plugins you’re running (just to name a few processing considerations).

That being said, ensure your processor can handle the job you plan on using this beat making software for. In order to run this powerful beat maker software and handle analog to digital/ digital to analog conversion, you MUST have an  M-Interface. Your interface type determines the number of inputs available to record. The PT9, a newer version does not require an M interface but if you’re looking to record anything with mics, you’ll need the M interface anyway.  Numerous internal routing options exist and are available to you but require extra research and reading. However, the time you put into familiarizing yourself with this beat maker online will be greatly rewarded by the professional mastery and skillful production.

Bottom line,  PT 8 M-Powered though not the most user-friendly audio program, it’s the best. So if you put in the time and learn this program in and out, you too can experience the feeling of standing on top with the industry standard, 4 years running.

So You Want A Free Online Beat Maker?

So You Want A Free Online Beat Maker?


Of the many online beat maker programs available out there, Drumbot is an ideal tool for the beginning or novice musical production talent. Great for those times when you just can’t seem to find a drummer, or your drummer disappears AGAIN for two weeks. A web site offering a free collection of online musical tools for anyone seeking to make your own beats and create magical synthesis with one click. Drumbot’s amazing assortment of gadgets features the user friendly drum beat generator, the focus of this article. But what, there’s more, much more. How about a guitar tuner, drum pattern sequencer, cool metronome, and BPM  ( beats per minute) indicator all on one neatly arranged web page that can be easily accessed and crossed over without loosing your artistic flow? The drum beat generator is designed especially for the non-drummer. Able to make lots of grooves and full song loops. It’s almost  like having your own drummer but without the no shows or mood swings!


This online beat maker partnered up with real drummers who created full songs from beginning to end, so you’re actually getting a real drummer, virtually speaking. Drumbot organizes these songs into blocks that you can arrange as you’d like depending on personal preferences and later, rearrange or alter the tempo, slower/faster, for your individual client specifications. This awesome click and paste editing is invaluable in the ever changing world of music. Drumbot keeps you current and flexible to ride the wave of this temporal industry rather than sinking like a tired ship. You can sequence various drumbeats and immediately create a drum track that can also be stored for later use or modification. Your saved tracks can be edited or enhanced there or exported to a companion program for tweaking. Experienced drummers can also use the drum pattern sequencer to increase their mastery skills. While band musicians or percussionists, desiring to synchronize their rhythm will find Drumbot to be an excellent tool, as an associate app.


The basic features of this amazing beat maker online are totally free! Additional features, like super simple drag and drop, get source file icon, export and save functions make this online beat maker one of the easiest, user friendly music producers available. No special language to decode, lengthy manuals to read, or video tutorials to suffer through. The convenient, easy Drumbot interface is self explanatory and anyone, regardless of experience can begin using instantly. You can start producing professional back up drumming today, even if you don’t know the difference between a chord and a riff.  If this program were any easier to use, it would set it self up and play without prompting.


Drumbot, beat making software, text based XML files are loop sets containing information about the arrangement of loops and their position on your timeline. You can save files right into your personal timeline for later reference or save it onto a stereo WAV file to use in your other PC audio editing programs like Garage Band or  Pro Tools.


Unlike other beat making software, Drumbot doesn’t require any special knowledge, expensive or specialized equipment, add-ons, extensive musical experience, or start up investment. You can start laying down tracks upon download. It’s that easy. This professional beat maker program is compatible with both Windows and Macs, thus immediately accessible and usable by anyone with a computer and an Internet connection.

Create Your Own Beats Using Logic

Create Your Own Beats Using Logic

DAW Logic Studio-9 is an intuitive, simple Apple based beat making software to create your own beats that won’t run you broke. Performing at level I of  Sonar 7 but without the bugs and hassles. If creating music is what you want to do, this beat maker online software is definitely for you. This unbelievable studio quality best beat making software, literally makes the other ones look like primitive Neanderthals still back in the stone age. Honestly, whether you’re using it for audio recording or MIDI intermixing, Logic Studio-9 delivers pristine sound that blows the competition out of the water.


Highlighting the new features in Logic Studio-9 best beat making software is its signature Flex and Guitar stomp pedal suites. Flex requires a seasoned musician but Guitar suite is “The Bomb” running amazingly well under 96K. If you’ve got the required 96K processing power and disk space to run Logic-9, it will amazingly tighten your mixes to studio perfection in record time. Controller setup takes a little more time on Logic, but once you get going, the automation rolls with crisp, clean features. Logic Studio-9, returns you to a desired mix of clarity and tightness, further establishing this engine as superior to the comparable studio mix. One of the best things of this beat maker software is the ability to transpose it to Sibelius! So whether you’re already a music producer, novice musician or a fresh composer, if you want to create your own beats, you should try Logic Studio-9.

Better than other emulations and able to generate immense, flowing rivers of amazing sound, the Logic’s dynamic pedal board boasts a multitude of exciting, non stop guitar stomp pedals. Fused together with warm, tubular distortions, characteristically distinct from the other software emulations, this suite lets you rip directly with a guitar into the AD, all the while leaving the complex processing to the superb Logic-9 engine. Sweet sounds and funky mixes will emulate with Logic’s Roland 201 tape delay and Deluxe EHX memory man tape echo features.You can have a complete, dynamic live stage rig or stay on the move with Logic-9 with its blazing fast set-up and teardown.

Platform and Plug Ins

If you’ve got a Mac, DAW Logic Studio-9 is worth the extra investment providing a pro engine, plug ins and features that truly raise the musical bar in the production world. And, if you’re one of the ridiculously blessed ones possessing the new iMac with 4 cores, this beat making software can serve as a little pro monster recorder. Sorry PC people, no Logic for you, maybe consider Able ton, Sonar, Pro Tools, or the multitude of free beat maker online products.

The Bottom Line

This rock solid, intuitive best beat making software application for both audio and MIDI lets you create your own beats regardless of your prior musical training and expertise.  Like all Apple products, it simply works. It’s user friendly, stable and worth the initial $499.99 total package investment.

Create Your Own Beats Online Today

Create Your Own Beats Online Today

It’s unbelievably easy to create your own beats with a computer and Internet access! You don’t need to reserve time in a studio, buy expensive equipment, or even have any musical talent. There’s a whole range of software available online to get you started.

Several of the top beat making software producers include DUBturbo, FL Studio, Cyber Sequence and Sonic Producer and they offer a variety of online and packaged beat making software. An online beats maker program provides flexibility by using Internet access. You can lay down beats as they come to you because there’s always the possibility of being inspired by the sounds all around you. It’s a bonus to log on anywhere and that gives you the opportunity to make everyone around you want to get up and dance!

Beat maker software online-only packages are less expensive than the ones that include discs, but they don’t provide as many features. Automatic save options online let you put down what you’re working on then let you change or complete it later. Automatic upgrades are a great way to keep up with product developments and industry-related news.

The best beat making software programs are very affordable but can also go up into the hundreds. For a newbie, the ability to download free demo products in order to see how they work is a great way to explore the options that are available. The advanced mixer can find exactly what he or she is looking for. Online beat maker programs are easy to manage and most of them have detailed video tutorials so you can get creative fast. Other products have complicated technical directions that are hard to read. Even as you progress in your ability to create hot beats, online sites can still be worth a look.

Different beat maker programs feature different sounds from nature and a whole range of instruments. Drum sounds and beats have been created for almost every type of music including hip hop, rap, Latin or reggae and many more! There’s 2 and 4 octave keyboards to create your own beats and music, and different software products include other must-have features like a variety of different drum kits, a 16 track sequencer, studio quality sound, a metronome and controls for tempo. Most products are available for both PC and Mac, but you still need to find out.

Beats maker programs, like any product, come in many different qualities. Some have beats that are re-recorded during several steps of production. When you create your own beats recording, you end up with third generation sounds. Many professional and consumer reviews of the beat making software are available online to help you avoid lower quality beat maker programs.

As your really hot beats start piling up, you can create a file to arrange and store them. Then they can be downloaded to any of the social networking sites to be seen and heard or even offered for sale.

With the new beat maker programs to get you started making your own beats, it’s a great time to let your creativity out. Investigate different offers, check out some reviews and take advantage of free downloads so you’ll be on the way to creating the hottest beats around!

Beat Maker Programs Serving You

Beat Maker Programs Serving You

If amateur DJ talent night at the local pub is a bit too intimidating, but you’ve always dreamed of spinning your own beats, let Magix Hip Hop beat maker software, from Magix Entertainment enable you to play DJ without ever leaving your PC. Even if you have zero prior musical training, this beat making software has all the professional tools you need to create and publish studio quality songs and video.

Sound Modules and Compartments

Hip-Hop beat maker software combines sound and video modules to produce audio mixes and video clips of various lengths. Each module resides in classified compartments classified according to instrument, including bass, chords, melodies and drums. You select desired number of modules by double-clicking its housing compartment identified by a specific icon. Then using this best beat making software, you can distort sounds, fade in or out, adjust the volume, reverse play, and other additional sweet effects. If you want to throw in some vocals, the melodies compartment provides a few easy yet delightfully authentic-sounding raps. This beat maker online has popular new-school favourites like “To All the Ladies,” and its female counterpart “To All the Fellas.”  And with classic, virtual turntables which uses your mouse as a scratcher, it captures the hearts of  old-school enthusiasts, as well.

Interface and Scratcher

Magix Hip Hop Music Maker has a unique and pleasant interface that’s easy to use. You can choose to coalesce from their 500 sampled  loops, import your own or meld both together for  a totally off the chain kick. The scratch tool that lets you make your own ripping record scratches and voice over video sampling are a skillful way of adding the nice effects you desire.

Video Modules and Song Assist

In addition to fusing tunes, Hip Hop beat maker programs enables video clip integration, setting off your hot creations. Video modules chilling in their own compartment include the quintessential poolside scene of rap videos, and various scenes featuring hip-hop dancers suited up in full gangster regalia. With the help of a special effects tab, you can add a fade-in-and-out effect modifying your video, creating vivid graphics and individualized background scenes. To further personalize your fuses, Hip Hop beat maker software and a microphone allow you to integrate your own recordings to your mixes.  Maybe you’re a little modest, not quite ready to unleash your inner hip-hopper yet. No worries. This beat maker online‘s got you covered with the Song Wizard to assist and spit out a jamming beat to get you going.

After you’ve mastered the art of production with this beat making software, take it to the next level and publish your fly mix on the Web and share with friends.

Price and Supported Platforms

Using this beat maker software won’t put Snoop and Dre out of business, but it is playful fun and will give you that DJ for a day feeling. Compatible with Windows Me / 95/ 98 / 2000 platforms for under $50 new. Older versions available for less than $20.

Propellerhead Reason 4.0 – Beat Maker Programs

Propellerhead Reason 4.0 – Beat Maker Programs

Propellerhead Reason 4.0 Recording Software is a stand out leader in beat maker programs.  Comprehensive, professional and easy to use, if you’re already into making electronic music or even thinking about it, I would get it. Straight out the box, you’re bumping beats and mixing tracks. Coupling this beat maker software with a Midi controller keyboard lights you on fire and you’re really jamming. Easy to use and worth its price twice over, this one is a gem.

Perhaps you aren’t all that serious about musical production but just want to relax, chill, and fool around a little. Reason 4.0 will transform your whimsical playing around for half an hour into something magical, to be taken more serious.

The most professional and complete music creation suite available is Propellerhead Reason 4.0 Recording Software giving you more bang for your buck than any other digital,audio beat maker online (minus the live recording).

The best definition of Reason is that of a  “virtual rack mount studio”, stacked with built in sequencers, seamlessly simulated in a compact, solitary beat making software package.

Reason integrates most typical hardware rack mount units commonly found in a live recording studio.This includes a drum sequence sampler and playback tool,  mixer boards, effects processors (i.e.. distortion,  reverb, chorus), 2 very hulky digital samplers able to utilize wave files and samples as instrumental features, a drum sequencer, and numerous analog synthesizer units to boot. There’s much, much more but we’ll keep it basic for now. Each of these constituents can be patched into one another via cabling within reason in every conceivable combination. Emulating an actual recording studio linked devices and units appear and function like their hardware counterparts.

You can engineer as many of the aforementioned virtual hardware components your heart so desires limited only by your own computer’s RAM, processor speed, and the PC sound card hardware in your platform. Since Reason 4.0 uses software to simulate the functions of these virtual hardware units,  A high-end sound card is not mandatory to get near perfect sound out of the Reason package. In fact, any decent Mac or PC sound card or chip will do just fine.

The only con of this best beat making software is its inability to record “live” instruments, specifically vocals and guitars.  However, what Reason lacks in recording capability it overcompensates in what it does best:  Making you a One-man(woman)-band/studio packed into a single box. If you absolutely must have live audio recording, you can “rewire” reason into other packages that support it, like Sonar Studio.

Additions and improvements from the previous version, and reasons to upgrade are a  powerful device that allows you to aggregate different devices into one Herculean virtual instrument, the combinator and Thor, a poly-phonic analog synthesizer, only found in Reason 4.0 edition. For the experienced producer this is awesome!

Still inherent in Reason, as always, is MIDI-capable hardware that fuses your electronic keyboard music into the some of the best beat making software.

How much would you pay for an entire recording studio in a box?  How about $400?

Considering the applications, extensive functions and features, endless mixing possibilities and independence of this beat making software, it’s a steal. Sometimes the hype is true, and in the case of Reason 4.0, believe the hype.

Side note:

Competitors Beware!  If the genius or geniuses behind Propellerhead’s adept Reason 5.0 with the ability to include support for the audio tracks and live instrument recording,  it could very well be bye bye to the competition.

Advantages of Beat Makers Online

Advantages of Beat Makers Online

Get Started Making Killer Beats!

Follow your dreams of becoming a hit at parties or beginning a music career with beat makers online. Anyone can download affordable and even free beat applications to help creating and recording the sounds and beats that are bursting inside waiting to get out. It’s easier than you may think, and you don’t need any musical instruction. A studio and expensive equipment are no longer needed.

There’s a number of beat maker software that are quite popular today. Cyber Sequencer, Sonic Producer, FL Studio, and DubTurbo are reasonably priced and offer a variety of features to help you create your beats. They include different sounds,  instruments, and many types of music. Including rap, techno, hip-hop, Latin, and rock music. Tempo controlled and a drum sequencer are part of the package. Some also feature a fully functional 2 to 4 octave piano keyboard.

All kinds of packaged sets of beat making software are available, but accessing a website lets you create anywhere there’s an Internet connection so you don’t lose your best ideas. While you’re going about your busy day, many sounds have the potential for triggering a beat. If you’re with friends, entertain them or let them all have a shot at their own creations.

When you build up a large library of files with different beats, there’s the possibility of selling some to people interested in personal projects or even commercial users. The ease of transferring digital files makes it super easy. Setting up a site on one of the social networking options is a good way to market your beats.

Some of the best beat making software is available on line cheaper than the boxed version. Prices range from below $20 and go up to the hundreds. For getting started, it’s possible to download a free demo version of the product. When you’re ready to expand, the lowest priced applications provide the features you need and are easy to work with so you can get creative without taking time to figure it all out. Some sites include tutorials on how to use the programs unlike packaged programs that may have a technically written manual. There’s always the option to improve your beat making software and add different kits as your skill and interest increase.

One important thing to be on the lookout for is the source and quality of the beats provided by the application. Some are re-recorded from other equipment, and by the time you work with and record it, the depth and power of the sounds are lost. It’s easy to find reviews of the best beat making software and downloads, so avoiding the lower quality app’s is pretty easy. Another issue is the compatibility of the beat making software and your operating system. Most manufacturers have both Microsoft and Mac versions. It’s also good to have an automatic save option so your work is not lost in the excitement of the creative process. Another good feature is the opportunity to access upgrades as they become available.

Considering the time, expense and travel necessary to produce music the old fashioned way, the chance to access a beat maker online is like a miracle! Take some time to explore the options available online, check out some reviews and take advantage of free demo downloads and you’re ready to put your creative ideas into sound, and maybe even become the next top artist!

Some Consider This The Best Beat Maker Program

Some Consider This The Best Beat Maker Program

DUBturbo is one of the best beat maker program available, period.  You name it, they do it and well. No other software can compete with this always online and available 24 hour full install featuring 14 select sample packs,swanky instrumentals, mood and movie tracks, bonus accappellas, over 50 separate genres, and much, much more.

Dope loop function and hot keyboard triggers to record on this metronome friendly program make this best beat making software the one to buy. Don’t be fooled by free trials or no cost posers that will only leave you wanting. Go with the industry standard in quality and performance, DUBturbo.You can become an auditory sensation by importing an unlimited amount of your own music and sounds making the audio possibilities and combinations with DUBturbo infinite.

DUBturbo’s drum machine panel is sick!! Its best beat making software includes 10 pads in each kit, with over 40 kits available for your unique sound. Record full sets or just pick your favorite beats, drag and drop, and save.  Boom! You’re blazing through with a hot mix that’ll leave them panting in your wake.

Remote capabilities from abroad and save/send/share features via their own source files make DUBturbo a stand alone beat making software that’s worthy of it’s minimal investment. You won’t have to buy any additional equipment or adapters or need associate software to compose studio quality music. In fact, DUBturbo doubles as a platform for publishing your tracks and cashing in on your efforts. They offer guidance and resource links to getting you from beat maker to money maker.

Start making hi end, studio quality music today, with any PC or Mac using an industry standard beat maker software and a 44.1 stereo .wav format used by professional DJs and producers across the globe. DUBturbo’s DT Sequencer, with a totally maneuverable keyboard interface, enables you to create a euphony in moments, from anywhere.  This beat maker online is quality auditory communication you just can’t touch with free online beat makers. Crank out tracks, edit loops, add in your own riffs, publish and sell, all from one versatile base.

Want more? Ok, DUBturbo the best beat maker software also offers contests and competitions amongst its subscribers with exceptional prizes and cash give aways.

This beat maker online claims to be able to teach anyone with absolutely NO MUSICAL EXPERIENCE, to compose hit tracks in minutes using their state of the art video tutorials. Not convinced?  They even back this mighty claim with a 60 day return/refund policy, if you’re not completely satisfied with your purchase you get your money back, no questions asked. So even you skeptics can rest easy, knowing you can try and return if not cutting deaf jams within 2 months.

With a 75% discount and free shipping, the total cost of this beat maker software is a mere $39.95. Plus, DUBturbo just launched their latest version, 2.0 and it’s ready for instant upload. Secured online payment through ClickBank, accepting all major credit cards, PayPal and others.   So, don’t delay, access the best beat maker program and familiarize your self with all these incredible features and installations now.

Top Beat Maker Software

Top Beat Maker Software

Evaluation of a Top Seller

Whether you’re just getting started or your already a professional music maker, DUBturbo beat maker software is a popular program to make beats. Even without musical training and expensive studio time and equipment, you can create, record and download your own beats in many different genres of music. With so many features, you’ll lay down great beats quickly and easily with professional results!

If your favourite music is rap, modern or jungle, DUBturbo software provides easy to use features to acquire and record samples as well as create your own beats with sequencing. Top of the line instructional videos are included to get you started right away. Writing your music is easy with the best beat making software and the on-screen keyboard that you can actually type the beats and melodies on. Transitioning to other software is also made easy with the familiar panel layout.

The advanced technology in this beat making software compatible with PC and Mac allows for more than a quick loop or one bar of repeated sounds. You can even import your own sounds – an unlimited amount! The 44.1 stereo 16 bit PCM .wav format allows you to make studio quality downloads to give to club DJ’s and studios, to create CD’s and sell to customers. There’s even a link to DUBturbo contests and their submission section.

Other features allow you to trigger sounds on the keyboard or draw them in. There’s the ability to draw in bars and then drag and copy them. You can edit and erase easily, export full tracks or just certain sounds, change the instrument and drum kit selections without stopping and auto quantize your recording. All audio is fully mastered and stereo imaged for the fullest sound.

The best way to explain the plusses of DUBturbo over other products is to compare features. Other music producing software contain second generation sounds, so your output has been compressed twice, and they don’t offer industry standard sound recording quality. There’s not much space to work with and there’s no opportunity to just sample sounds and experiment with them. On top of that, there is no instruction on proper beat production!

For DUBturbo beat maker software that doesn’t require any other equipment, sound cards or wiring, cost between $140 and $200. This includes many extra features besides the basic 2.0 software and you’re entitled to premium updates as they are created. Online payment is handled with “ClickBank” so the safety of your personal information is guaranteed. A 60 day 100% money back refund is one email away if the product does not deliver what you want. Additionally, DUBturbo shows you how to make money with your beats and they put them on their site for sale!

So, if you have talent waiting to get out, just want to have some fun or are a professional artist, the DUBturbo Beat maker online offer is one that you can’t pass up. Create your own beats for songs to rap or sing, ringtones, game themes, promo music or website audio like a pro. And if you’re not already on the charts, aim for a label!

Hardware Beat Production vs Beat Making Software

Hardware Beat Production vs Beat Making Software

What is the difference?

There was a time when the mere idea this argument would have made any serious beat producer laugh out loud, and we’re not talking about ancient times here.  A mere two of decades ago the only way to produce music was by having access to mixing desks, hardware effects units, box synthesizers and real life intruments.  Not one of the items on that list come cheaply, and for an average income beat producer just starting out, they might as well cost a billion dollars each.

Thanks to the technological improvements in the 1990’s, beat production could now take place using only a computer and beat making software. This finally made it possible for anyone, with an internet connection and a few bucks to spare, to buy a music production software package that can do just about anything that the hardware can.  Don’t be concerned if this all sounds too good to be true, as there are  more than a few serious drawbacks to consider.  If music production sofware was perfect, then hardware music production would have died out at the turn of the Millenium along with lethally sized cellphones.

Music production hardware has stuck around for a number of reasons, but they can all be summed up in one simple word, and that word is quality.  Real professionals don’t always produce tracks on their home PC or Mac, at least they haven’t been until recently.  The average home computer today is roughly 50 times more powerful than one from twenty years ago.  This means that the best beat making software has finally become a viable option  for professionals.

Now that we had the technology to run decent beat making softare, we needed the actual software to run on it.  Music production software tools started with programs like Composers Desktop Project, Sbass controller and Ableton Live.  These were really awesome when they were first released, but today you can probably find an in-browser tool with better beat production capabilities.  Some of these companies are still around, like Propellerhead who first released Reason 1.0 back in 2000.

Where is the best music production software today?

In this day and age it is not uncommon for professional music producers to use hardware components along with music production software.  In fact it has more or less become the industry standard.  Genuinely professional music production software is expensive, but there are affordable options out there.  A few examples of some really great music production software packages that you can use with or without hardware are DUBTurbo, Sonic Producer, Beatcraft, BTVSolo and Magix producer, to name but a few.  These are complete digital audio workstations, imitating their hardware counterparts in nearly every conceivable way.  Digital instruments, drum-beats and a whole selection of synthesizers and effects have now made it possible to buy your very own music production studio for less than $100.  Even music producers with relatively small budgets will be able to find a product that suits their needs, with some really good beat producing software packages costing as little as $20.

Beat Maker Online

Beat Maker Online

Record and mix music with a beat creator online, like the professionals with Reason, a very powerful and complete virtual music lab, containing extensive commands and features that are customizable to individualized styles. If the mentioning of synthesizers excite you, then this modulator is right up your alley.

If you’re a serious music producer, you need serious tools. Reason is a beat making software program that provides all the essentials and extras necessary for a completely functional, virtual recording studio. It includes synthesizers, a sampler, 32 channel mixer, modules for special effects, an arpeggiator, sequencers and a library of stored sounds.

This complete music studio, though approachable by beginners, is geared toward professionals already experienced in music production. It integrates well with other software and hardware, and is ideal for musicians of electronic music. A highlighting point of  the program, is the fact that the synthesizers are much more powerful and sharper than ones commonly used in music producing software, and thus additional audio units, VST-Plugins, etc. are not necessary to emulate sounds. If electronic music is your thing, Reason must be part of your production toolbox.


Some of the most notable features making this beat maker online such a useful support tool in production is the great ability to configure and modify, several cool, rich plugins, hi-quality pads, banging drum machines, loops cyclic player, and synths to sampler.  Reason combines many tools into one compact application able to take your musical passion to the next level. The latest version 6 introduces unlimited disk tracks and solid audio recording, as well as thousands of new loops and patches. The combinations and arrangements are limited only by your imagination.  With Reason’s signature, non-destructive time stretch, you don’t have to pick a tempo before laying down your recordings. You can record first, save your file, and later pick your tempo using Reason’s library or import your own groove from another app. No need to wait until you got the whole song set, just record when the creative juice starts flowing, and never miss another genius moment again with the best beat making software.

Beat Making Software Requirements

Minimum system requirements are MIDI keyboard featuring a  built-in MIDI interface, or MIDI keyboard and 16 bit Win compatible PC audio card MIDI interface and compatible with Windows 2000/XP. Sorry Mac users. No plans posted to offer additional capabilities.

Program is available in English, French and German with manuals and online tutorials to suit your artistic learning style.

Some considerations when choosing this beat maker software, is the large amount of dedicated system resources required, the limited demo and the expertise of utilization.  These and other limitations can be corrected by concurrently using any other DAW like Cubase or Ableton.  Overall, Reason’s ease of integration with already pre-existing music producing software offers a real-time virtual music studio capable of producing high quality professional music. From playing to recording at home using a beat maker online, can help improve your overall skills and make you a better musician.

The Ultimate Of Beat Maker Programs Online

ProgramMixxx 1.10.0 – The Ultimate Of Beat Maker Programs Online

Looking for a free beat making machine online that’s easy to use and requires little previous musical production experience? Well, look no further than Mixxx, the DJ mixing software available with live mixes and a secure, instant download that’s total free.

Why waste your time and hard earned money with those beat making software products that provide only a few generic samples?  Mixxx as an open source, is routinely updated using the latest DJ techniques, so you have access to a plethora of samples in all genres. You’ll never again have to spend your profits on expensive equipment and beat maker programs in order to be on the top of everyone’s hot list.  Mixxx does all the work and updating for you. So, you can spend your time and money on rocking the crowd performing your funky, fresh live mixes.

Features Of The Ultimate Beat Making Machine

Mixxx is flexible giving you the freedom to create and mix in exactly the style you want. What other system can sync digital mixes, vinyl’s and your downloads effortlessly onto your records without missing a beat? This best beat making software can be used alone or as a companion to enhance your present system. Featuring a world-class mixing engine with advanced controls utilizing dual or quad sampler decks, for the experienced mix master. The decks contain a scrolling, scratchable waveform that enables quick seeking while marking cue points and beats along a complete song overview. Hit a sweet loop, or need more time while transitioning to the next track?  No problem. With beat looping, you can easily loop any 4 to16 beat segment instantly with the click of your mouse. Smooth nudging and rapid succession triggering is simple with these hot cues four points and mind reading pitch bend ramping. EQ and cross fader controls make you look like a pro delivering long, smooth cross fades and quick cuts. Pristine sound with broad format support that will impress any crowd and keep ’em coming back begging for more.

Want to mingle with the ladies or sign autographs for your new adoring fans? Go ahead and let Mixxx DJ for you, smoothly and seamlessly grooving until you return to take back the reigns. You’re a banging DJ tuning your unique and original mixes to perfection with Mixxx. The DJ has complete and total control over the mix, the music, the mood, and the crowd.  Feel the power of being the ultimate Mixxx Master!

Compatibilities and Formats

Supported by Windows XP, 7, or Vista, this acceptant source beat maker online also plays your beats in MP3, FLAC, M4A, WAVE, Ogg Vorbis, and AIFF formats. Also, the Mixxx 1.6.0+ supports numerous PC sound cards.

With Mixxx, the 100% free, beat maker software, the possibilities are endless. Don’t limit yourself to the same tired, ole jams you’ve relied on for the past year. Take a leap and soar with the latest, popular and innovative sounds created in step with professional DJs around the world.  Be in total control, rock the crowd, and create your own beats now.