Dr. Drum Review

Dr. Drum Review

Dr. Drum Review

Dr. Drum Prescribes the Best Beat Making Software

Dr. Drum is a digital beat making software that allows you to enjoy the process of creating unbelievably cool beats. I seriously enjoy using this software because I didn’t have to spend years learning complex expensive machines just to create a beat I was actually proud of.


Dr. Drum was able to take me from my basement to the life of the our local parties. Everyone and their mom is into cool beats nowadays, especially when they sound pro. It’s awesome to finally have a finished, solid beat that didn’t sound like it needed to be re-mixed a hundred more times before I was even comfortable getting it out there.

With Dr. Drum experience is totally not required, and you will pick it up quickly.

Although the software focuses more on those who don’t own a full studio setup, you don’t need to worry about producing amateur sounds. Dr. Drum makes sure no matter how inexperienced you are, you’ll still sound pro! 

This means going to be absolutely thrilled with the result, and want to start pumping your newly created beats in front of everyone right away. 

Specification Requirements

You can download Dr. Drum and it will run on both a personal computer and any Macintosh gadget. Don’t worry about getting special sound cards or top spec computers because the software will work wonderfully on all computers regardless of their specs.

Dr. Drum is very user-friendly. It comes with a full video tutorial that will allow you to create those sick beats straight away. You name it, and you can create it – West Coast, DubStep, Hip Hop, House, Jungle, R & B, Trance or Techno.

When you download Dr. Drum, they give you a lifetime license which means that you pay only once, without any annoying monthly charges. Your lifetime license covers all future upgrades free of charge. Access the Member’s Area of the website and simply download them from there. You won’t ever need to worry about being outdated.

Dr. Drum is realistic and practical, and they know they cannot possibly please everyone. Dr. Drum is confident you will be thrilled with the software, so they’ve offered a money-back guarantee feature which allows you refund the software if your unsatisfied. Understandably, the downside of refunding is that the software will immediately stop working.


In our more modern set-ups, a the disc jockey or DJ is responsible for providing the beat to liven up a party. A popular DJ has an epic persona about them. The music captures people in a truly unique way. Good beats make you want to dance, and make you feel amazing. 

DJs often create all those sick beats and sounds with equipment that looks way too complex and difficult to use. But some the best beats you’ve heard were likely created using software similar to this.



Here are some of the cool features of Dr. Drum:

16-Track Sequencer

This feature allows you to compose and edit your compositions fast. Dr. Drum has 16 tracks of stereo sound and you can change sounds and patterns with just two easy clicks. It also has several thousand built-in drumbeats, keys, FX and sounds.

With Dr. Drum, you can copy bars or multiple bars with a couple clicks, edit each track’s volume, adjust all of the tone levels for each track, adjust the pan effect individually, mute tracks or play them solo to further fine tune that beat.

It also comes with a built-in YouTube uploader that allows you to show off and share your masterpiece to the public instantly.  Dr. Drum can automatically create a video for you if you want. Alternative, you can also customize your own video using your own pictures.


12-Pad Drum Machine

Each Dr. Drum kit comes with 12 pads and a large database of booming, exclusive professionally mastered sounds. You can use these features to create those beats or you can take things to a higher level by creating your own samples. With an easy drag and drop, you can import your own custom sounds to use in your beats.

You can change kits easily with a single click. You can also mix the volume on each channel any way you want. Dr. Drum makes it easy to move sounds around with just a couple of clicks.


4-Octave Keyboard

With Dr. Drum’s 4-Octave Keyboard, you can also add pianos, saxophones, guitars, synthesizers, strings and FX, among others. These add-ons allow you to create even cooler beats. With just one click, you can easily switch instruments.

Dr. Drum has some other really cool features. With your single sample, it will automatically scan the imported sound to find out what note it is and recreate all other notes to give you a full four octaves.

You don’t need any MIDI cables to annoy you. With just one click, you can import more kits or you can use your own sounds too. Dr. Drum comes with thousands of stereo imaged sounds. You can create those cool DubStep sounds by altering the Frequency, Resonance, LFO R and LFO A. You can overlap sounds in seconds too!


The Finished Product

After creating and mixing all those cool beats, Dr. Drum will export your finished product as a 44.1 Stereo 16 bit PCM professional studio quality .wav file. In layman’s words, that is the format used in radio stations and clubs, and its top quality.

Yes, your end product will not simply sound like an MP3. Your tracks will sound totally professional, making you at par with all those cool DJs. The only difference is you didn’t have to undergo years of training, buy up complicated gadgets and equipment, or even leave the house to do it. 

Dr. Drum is not to be considered just for amateurs. It is very useful for professional DJs as well.


Since Dr. Drum is currently being offered at a bargain price, if you are a music enthusiast who just can’t wait to create those cool beats, I suggest that you take advantage of this offer now because it will not stay that way forever. As demand continues to get higher, the price of Dr. Drum will probably increase soon.

So go ahead and fulfill your desires, start creating those unreal beats while you still got them on your mind!


Get Your Beats Bumpin With Dr. Drum Today

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