Sonic Producer Review

Sonic Producer 2.0 Review


SonicProducer – Beat Making Software

We all dream of creating our own beats, sounds, and tunes. But with the vast musical talent around us, we can get discouraged knowing that we can never be at par with such world-renowned composers like Beethoven, Mozart, John Lennon, Paul McCartney or Jay-Z. Most of the time, we end up content just listening to their wonderful masterpieces. But listening can never be enough to satisfy the caged composer within ourselves. We have to take advantage of the technological advances that will allow even a promising starter to create brilliant compositions. One such technology is SonicProducer.

SonicProducer is a beat making software that lets you produce your own music and create rap beats online. It prides itself in being a cutting edge music sequencer that has an MP3 export capability. Music production can be done with the use of different keyboards and studios that come with the SonicProducer package. The product comes with a video tutorial and documentation to help you understand and use the SonicProducer application.


Specification Requirements

SonicProducer works on practically all computers and operating systems, be it a personal computer, a Macintosh gadget or any other platform.

The product is designed to be used by people of all ages – from minors to senior citizens alike. It can be used by newbies, amateurs and professionals too. It does not matter if you have never created beats before. After trying out SonicProducer, you are guaranteed to master and enjoy the art of beat making.

Members’ Area

When you purchase SonicProducer, the members’ area of the website is one section you would most likely frequent. You need to sign up with your own username and password. This area will be very useful because it will allow you to do the following:

 Pick and choose the videos you want to view by simply clicking on the View button. Afterwards, you can play along with the video and learn everything about beat making;

 Download the SonicProducer documentation;

 Access the video downloads by simply clicking on the Download button; and

 Use the different resources available such as the chord charts and rhythm exercises, among others.

You can access the members’ area anytime, anywhere. The SonicProducer staff can even reset your password for you in the unfortunate event that you forget it.

The members’ area is updated frequently and the SonicProducer staff highly appreciates contributions from members. So if you are a member, do not hesitate to bring out those concerns that need in-depth explanations. Who knows, your questions might just end up as lessons that will find their way in the videos in the members’ area.


For its introductory price, SonicProducer is currently being offered at a very reasonable price of $29.95. This covers the one-time fee for your unlimited membership. It is best to take advantage of this discounted low price that will only be offered for a limited time.

Buying SonicProducer is easy. You simply need to click on the Join Now button on the top part of the website and then click on the order button or links.

You can pay for SonicProducer with all major credit cards, echeck or PayPal. You just need to provide your name, address, zip code and payment details. The product is being sold through the Internet’s number one digital products retailer,

Support Staff

SonicProducer recognizes that the task of beat making can appear daunting in the beginning. Thus, it wants to be there with you and for you every step of the way to show you that it is a fun activity when done with an easy to use software like SonicProducer.

If you encounter any problem – be it in using the sequencer or drum machine, or when playing videos, or in entering the members’ area or even while using SonicProducer itself – you need not worry. By simply sending an e-mail to the highly reliable and efficient SonicProducer staff, your concerns will be addressed right away.

It is not just the SonicProducer staff that are very accessible. Even its owner can be reached easily. Members can contact him anytime for technical and musical questions alike. You could chat with him about anything under the sun!

You need not worry about the security of the information that you provide SonicProducer. Its staff is committed to keeping things private by not sharing your information with anyone.

Version 2.0

SonicProducer Version 2.0 is jam packed with these new features:

A 4-octave keyboard;

 12 programmable drum pads that you can use to create the On the Fly beats;

 Unlimited number of measures;

 More new and exciting musical instruments; and

 Option to download your beats in an MP3 format or as a studio quality .wav file.

Similar to its original version, SonicProducer Version 2.0 is still fun, simple and extremely easy to use.


With all these features, it will only be a matter of time before SonicProducer becomes one of the most trusted, reliable and popular beat making software available in the market. It is so easy to use, as you do not need any formal training to know how to navigate it. It is also convenient to have, as you can use it in the comforts of your own home. Most important of all, it allows you to create beats easily and effortlessly. Who knows, the Beethoven or Mozart of our generation might just be discovered while creating his masterpiece using SonicProducer.

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